We had been sleeping on the floor for far too long, so we decided to build a bed and headboard. This instructable is just for the bed, the headboard will becoming soon.
  I found a remainder lot of strand woven bamboo flooring on Craigslist, so we decided to use that as the cladding. It's pretty striking, and it's one of the hardest woods available.  I broke a couple drill bits and more than few screws from not predrilling wide enough.
  I was inspired by this instructable.
 It has nightstands that were incorporated into the platform bed. We thought they were cool and we could make them retractable.  They probably don't support as much weight, but they'll hold a computer, book, glass of water, 20 or 30 pounds I think. The bed is made from 2x4's, 2x6's, and 3/4's plywood, and then covered in oak and bamboo.
  I'll make an items list, but it's most of the things that are in an average workshop.
Saws (Table saw, Miter/chop saw, Circular saw, Saber or Rotozip type saw, maybe jigsaw)
Nail Gun
Measuring Tape
Some Type of Square
Chalk Line
Straight edge
Safety glasses
Respirator if sanding indoors
Hammers, screwdrivers, screws, brads,

2x6's (a few)
2x4's (a few)
3/4" plywood
Wood flooring( I used bamboo, but you could use anything you liked)
2 pair Drawer slides (16")
Wood flooring glue
Gorilla Glue
Wood glue

Step 1: Building the Frame and Legs

The first part is to build the basic frame.  Theoretically, you'd be done and have a sturdy platform bed after this step if you liked. I cut the plywood to be just smaller than the mattress so you would only see the bamboo siding and not the top, even though we're going to put a nice veneer sheet on.   We have a queen size, which are approximately 80x60, so the plywood is 79x59.  You'll still see a little at the corners, because the corners of the mattress are rounded off.

  The support frame is set in smaller quite a bit, 8 inches in from the edge of the plywood, to add to the floating effect.  I thought the bed might tip up if you sat on the end of it, but it turned out so heavy I probably could moved the legs, and therefore the frame, in a lot further.

  The legs are two 2x6's glued and screwed together.  I made mine 15" high, so that the total bed height is 28" (Legs+plywood+1/8" veneer sheet+mattress)  You can decide how high you want your own bed to be, then subtract the mattress and plywood thickness, and that's your leg height.

  I used long bolts and nuts because you can really crank them tight to keep the bed from squeaking years from now.  I drilled the 3/4 spade hole first about an inch deep, then a 3/8 hole all the way through.  This is so you can countersink the bolt head. Use sockets to tighten.
<p>Hey, whatever happened to the headboard post?</p>
Beautiful project! Congrats! <br>I would like to point out only a critical issue. The bed top needs to allow air to circulate in order to let the mattress ventilate, otherwise it will grow mold in a very short time.
Do we have the headboard instructable yet? I'm about to start this bed next week, and it'd be really awesome to have the headboard walk-through available...
when is the headboard going to be put up?
This is really awesome! <br>I cannot wait for your write up on the head board!!! I was playing around with a few ideas for a headboard...came across some examples of people doing this same thing with flooring and literally had the exact same thought with the bar of light in the headboard so to read a book by or something. When I found this it was just awesome! Looking really great! again, can't wait for your write up! Thanks for taking all the frustrating trial and error out of it for me ; ) hahahahaha
Thanks lolwatumad, I'll put up the headboard in a couple days, I'm writing it up now. I split up the instructables because I think there is a 100 photo limit, and the headboard has a lot of photos. Thanks again!
Any update on the headboard instructable? I'm using some concepts from this instructable as well as some other platform bed instructables.. but not doing a headboard yet. But I definitely want to know how you did yours!
Was this a really expensive bed to build?
I would really like to see the headboard you came up with! I really like the bed frame you made.
looking forward to the head board!
That looks fantastic! How long did the project take you from start to finish, glue drying time and all?
I ended up taking some days off, but I would say the bed took about 20 man hours. The Headboard took longer because it's more complicated and I had to trial and error a lot of things, like fitting the drawers. Thanks for checking it out!

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