This is a DIY for bamboo gliders. Now I've made two types 1.tailess hang glider rectangle wing. 2.then there is roggallo which is safer because it has a fuselage and landing gear.

Step 1: Rogallo Glider

This is for roggallo. Now you need 10 pieces of bamboo and you need two bamboo pieces that are 22ft.ok now get those two 22ft bamboo pieces and make a triangle shape.now put a 15 ft piece of bamboo down the center in between the 22ft piece. Now in the middle put a piece of bamboo going horizontal. That is the wing.fuselage:flip the whole wing over and put two pieces of bamboo in a x at the nose of the wing.youre done.and remember connect everything with ductape

Step 2: Flying

Run Down big hill jump then fly.

Step 3: Rectangle Glider

This a simple effective flying machine. You need lots of bamboo!!!!the glider specs of wings are 15ftby7ft. Ok start out with 2 15ft bamboo pieces and then put 10 7ft pieces in between the 15ft space them out evenly.now cut out cardbourd airfoils and put the at the ends ductape. Put 1 piece of bamboo sticking out.put a picture hook inside. Should fit perfect. Get cardstalk paper and cut a hole in it and put the hook in the hole. Now cover the wings with a tarp.make sure it's tight.youre done

Step 4: Flying Rectangle Glider

Run off hill jump fly!!!
<p>This isn't a real instructable. This thing never flew. It's is a joke.</p>
He will never give a video. He never flew this.
<p>Just give us the vid!!!</p>
@isethi I have a YouTube video
<p>I'm waiting for the video</p>
<p>YEP me too</p>
So you don't even believe in a hang glider. I'll will make a glider and fly it and show you a vid
<p>Still waiting for the video evidence...</p>

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