In this instructable will be showing you how to create rims that look like bamboo.                                                                                       Items needed                                                                                                                                                                                                    flat head screw driver, spoke wrench,  reeds, adhesive, silicone, large gauge syringe, scotch bright pads, fine sandpaper, wire brushes, scissors, utility blades, and  pliers.          

Step 1: Step 1: Disassemble and Clean

Find your tire of choice, whatever works best for you as far as size, spoke count, front, rear, freewheel, coaster brakes, etc. I chose a 26" rim with 36 spokes and large enough to use a wider cruiser tire.  I found it on an old bike so I am going to have to do a little restoring to the rim before I start the process.  Start by taking the tire, tube, and the tube protector ring off the rim. Any rust on the rim must be cleaned off with a wire brush (or wheel for drill), and / or scotch bright pads (use wet or dry). this will take a while depending on how rusty they are. You may also want to paint the rim a different color or some thing so you at that point would take sand paper to the rim as well to scuff the surface before the primer stage. I am not painting the rim for my bike so I will skip that step and move on to cleaning. Make sure that you clean every thing as well as you can, spokes, rims, and nipples need to be as clean as possible so stuff can adhere to the metal.   Note all of the cleaning supplies above will scratch the surface of the rim so be careful to test them first and decide what will work best for you. I personally found that the scotch bright pad was the least aggressive on the finish and the easiest to use for the minor surface rust, but for the little deeper rust, I needed to use the wire to knock it down a bit.             
This is really cool! it would look great on a beach cruiser or a bamboo bike!
Awesome idea dude! Can't say I would have even considered thinking about this, but I have had an idea to build a cruiser wheelset with wooden rims. May be just as easy to use some veneer...just like you have done. Rock on!
Thanks for the support on my first instructable guys this is the first in a line of instructables for my bamboo cruiser project. Would love pitiful you would vote for my project in the bikes and rims contest. I love this site and feel honored to contribute.
I am diggin' this idea. It'd be neat on a beach-bike.
Thanks. That's my plan. Building a bamboo cruiser so this is where I started more instructables to come for the whole project.
I just had to read this; I thought that you were a maniac who had actually used bamboo as spokes.<br> <br> I can see this idea spreading; it would look great on a Bamboo framed bike.<br> <br> Nice Instructable.<br> <br> <br>

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