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Hello guys, this is my first instructable that will show you how to make a bamboo ring.
The making of the ring takes about 10-20 minutes and the refining takes a long time > 30mins.
Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Tools

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For this project you will need:
- A saw
- sandpaper (I used 150 grit but you can use pretty mutch any kind of sandpaper)

Step 2: Choose Your Bamboo

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You need to take a pretty thick piece of dry bamboo so it can fit on your finger but not too thick or it will slip off. Take the dried leaves off and choose the segment you will work on.

Step 3: Size

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Now choose the size off your ring (always make it a bit bigger in case you mess up, you can always sand the excess off) i chose about 1.5 centemeters in width.

Step 4: Cutting the Ring

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This is the most important step of all!
When you use a hand saw like I did you must use the part where the teeth curve outwards so to not mess up the fibers in the bamboo (if you look at the picture, it means you would need to saw to the right)

Step 5:

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You do not want to get this result.

Step 6:

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Your ring should look like this but it is still crude and rough

Step 7: Refining the Ring

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Sand the inside of the ring and the two bases it should now look like in the picture.
You can stop now if you want or you can continue the instructable where I will show you how to thurther refine the ring you have just made.

Step 8: Thurther Refining of the Ring

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First with a pencil mark the pattern on the ring. I like a teeth sort of patter witch looks really nice.

Step 9:

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I then use sandpaper and start to sand to the inside of the ring. You can use a file but it might damage the ring.

Step 10:

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Your ring is now finished.

Watch out not to wet the bamboo ring too mutch or it will brake.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable.


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