Picture of Bamboo Yarn Bowl
So your girlfriend likes knitting things and x-mas is coming soon? Making her a beautiful bamboo yarn bowl that keeps the yarn from getting entangled and unrolls the yarn would be a nice option.

Materials needed

- wooden bowl (I used a bamboo bowl from Ikea)
- Dremel with a wood milling bit
- small wood drill bit that fits into your Dremel
- Sandpaper stripes
- Dremel polishing bit
- Beeswax block
- Two really steady hands!

Step 1: Drawing the pattern

Picture of Drawing the pattern
I used an Ikea Blanda Matt bowl (20 cm diameter) that is made of bamboo. This material is rather hard but really nice to work with. However, it tends a bit to splintering. You can think of your own pattern or use the one I've used. Just take a waterproof pen, put the bowl bottom side up on a table and draw the pattern on the wood.
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dtextor (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
Thank you!
JECK12 years ago
I meant to say RIGHT ONTO IT!
dtextor (author)  JECK12 years ago
Haha. I don't really get the point but I just suppose you're happy about it!
Pat_Maroney2 years ago
This is a Rad idea! Definitely one of the "why didn't I think of it first" Kind.
I'm thinking my GF and I could joint gift it to a mutual friend at some point!
JECK12 years ago
Wow!!! Bless you heaps!!
Nozebra2 years ago
love it!
thank you so much-- I've been wanting to purchase a porcelain yarn bowl, but this is even better--as it's not easily broken and I have most of the materials on hand! :) this is beautifully done-- thank you for sharing how you made this.
dtextor (author)  leeknoodlesmith2 years ago
Youre welcome. I'm always very happy if someone enjoys one of my solutions. :) good luck with the milling!
greese22 years ago
I really like this idea. Even if you wasn't using it for yarn it's a beautiful fruit bowl!
kbavouset2 years ago
This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.
debbo12 years ago
This is beautiful...will you make one to sell?
dtextor (author)  debbo12 years ago
I'm not planning to sell one. Just the shipping fee to the States would be much too high. Maybe you can try it yourself or find someone that's handy with wood?
realife112 years ago
B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T IDEA!!!!
saosport2 years ago
THANK YOU! I have been looking at how to make one of these for a long time. They cost so much to buy. My mom is going to love this. Good luck in the contest.
dtextor (author)  saosport2 years ago
Glad to help! I really hope she will like it! Don't forget to post a picture if you make one. Regards.
will do that will have to be a weekend project. I will be searching for bowls during the week. I do not have an Ikea within two hours of my house:( I have a few other places I think I could pick up a few. I kinda want one for myself and maybe a few friends. I'll post pics asap. Thanks again
dtextor (author)  saosport2 years ago
If you will work with wood instead of bamboo, it might be more prudent to use a coping saw for the initial cut and then smoothen it with the dremel. Some people had no luck with wood and the fine spiral. It tends to break.. Hope that helps. Or maybe you can order the bowl by mail? This option exists in my country. Cheers.
TheManse2 years ago
More great stuff!! Watching you from South Africa :)
wiccanbear2 years ago
this is brilliant! i need to go make one right now, and the q-tip to polish XD i would never have thought of that! fantastic! thanks so much! +1
craftyv2 years ago
I adore this. It combines the functional with the elegant. I can't do woodwork (no tools) but I could try another medium, here's looking for ideas. Great work.
clazman craftyv2 years ago
A coping saw is a rather inexpensive tool that would work great here. and some sandpaper to smooth the edges.
craftyv clazman2 years ago
Seasons greetings to you and yours. Thanks for your quick responses. I will look for a coping saw in the sales, i'm inspired. Craftyv
clazman craftyv2 years ago
Here is links to several for under $10.00.
There are others a little more, say $20.00 but these two will do you just fine!

The blade can be rotated to rotate the saws back out of the way as you progress.

Happy Woodworking!!!



craftyv clazman2 years ago
I'm so sorry. I might have removed something (not sure what). I thought flagging would allow me to give you a star or best comment but i got mixed up. So sorry. Blame it on the Boxing day brain.
clazman craftyv2 years ago
Oh, by the way. You should but a few blades to cover breakage. It happens to the best of us! ;<)
dtextor (author)  craftyv2 years ago
Pottery will work for shure. But trust me, it really would be a nice project to start a bit with wood working. It's really easy if you take enough time!
craftyv dtextor2 years ago
I agree but I have no access to woodworking tools. Thanks for your reply. Best wishes for the season.
hankins50512 years ago
Good idea, I'm a potter, any reason this couldn't be made out of clay?
If you haven't started on it yet, let me offer this bit of advice. Make the bowl rounded (like the one in the IBLE), with a flat bottomed bowl the yarn tends to slide up to the spiral and jam instead staying centered in the bowl the way it will if the bowl is rounded.
dtextor (author)  hankins50512 years ago
None. I actually have the idea from some I saw somewhere on the net. And they were made of clay. Since I'm not a potter and I rather like working with wood, I went for that one.
I own 2 that were made out of clay, bought on easy. They're not as large as this one. I love them.
make that *etsy*
You should enter this in the Christmas Gifts Contest. I'd vote for you.
Edgar2 years ago
Nice! It went to the Blog, but I must say, junk collectors such as me also see this idea as a good way to use entangled reclaimed wire of all sorts... :D

dtextor (author)  Edgar2 years ago
Nice to see that I'm on your blog again! Keep up the great work! Hackers around the world rule!
Edgar dtextor2 years ago
Heh, heh, heh!
nevroth2 years ago
I think I'll send this great idea to my boyfriend as a "hint hint wink wink" for my upcoming birthday. What a fantastic gift idea for knitters, and something that can be done in an afternoon. I LOVE IT!!
dtextor (author)  nevroth2 years ago
Send it to his best friend. This will spread the information and maybe he's happy for the idea himself! :D
octochan2 years ago
This is great, I haven't even heard of a yarn bowl before, but I know I need one. Keeping your yarn in a bag hanging on the back of your chair works, but this is much more elegant.
dtextor (author)  octochan2 years ago
Exactly like me. But I was very happy to find something I can build for her. And I'm pretty sure she doesn't know that something like this exists as well.
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