Step 7: Your finished yarn bowl

Picture of Your finished yarn bowl
If everything works out fine, you'll have now a really nice gift for your girlfriend. I hope you/she enjoys it!
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elisegc1 year ago
This is awesome. Well done.
d_adair92 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing this project. I am an avid crocheter and woodworker, so this is right up my alley. I will be making one of these this weekend.
knitgeek2 years ago
Absolutely Brilliant. So much nicer than anything I've ever seen for sale.
greese22 years ago
I really like this idea. Even if you wasn't using it for yarn it's a beautiful fruit bowl!
wiccanbear2 years ago
this is brilliant! i need to go make one right now, and the q-tip to polish XD i would never have thought of that! fantastic! thanks so much! +1
LynnNoE2 years ago
Gee, maybe I'll show this to my husband. hmmmmmm
Ellystu2 years ago
Great instructable and a lovely, thoughtful gift. Good for you! and the girlfriend :)
nevroth2 years ago
I think I'll send this great idea to my boyfriend as a "hint hint wink wink" for my upcoming birthday. What a fantastic gift idea for knitters, and something that can be done in an afternoon. I LOVE IT!!
daytona6752 years ago
Brilliant! I'm going out to make one now!
meismeems2 years ago
What a brilliant idea!!! I have that bowl, I'll have to make it into a yarn bowl for myself. Keep dreaming up ideas like this Dominik!