Step 3: Cutting Out Old Carbon

With this in mind, we took out the tubes to be replaced by bamboo. Again, we didn't have the technical resources up the rear dropouts well, (if we'd used Misumi Extrusions we would) so we spared the rear triangle. We also spared the seat tube clamp area, so the seat tube would have a nice interface.

The dremel diamond wheel cuts carbon like butter. The other bits won't, so this piece is necessary if you want to do this without a headache. Get goggles and a mask. Cutting is dusty and particulate carbon causes a whole pile of health problems later in your life.
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<p>This sure is a clever repurposing of an old bike, but we can't help but cringe a little at that frame being cut! If your bike is used, but still in good condition, consider checking out its <a href="http://www.bicyclebluebook.com/" rel="nofollow">resale value</a>! You might be surprised at what your bike is worth!</p>
you cut s works frame? you crazy????
I thought the same thing
yeah, this man is crazy!!<br>
By broken and unrideable what do you mean exactly?<br>Considering the amount of epoxy and hemp you used to make your 'lugs' you should have been able to fix the s works...<br><br>you gotta admit a carbon frame with hemp joints would look pretty good.
Any specific reason you're using hemp? Why not twine or something?
that bike has to be supper light wait
when it comes to cracks, you could fill them with epoxy and wrap them with the hemp. I did that when I cracked the side of my boat whilst bowing the sides.
I have bamboo growing all around my house (I made a sweet little hut out of it). Should I dry/treat the bamboo in any way before I use it?
yes. there is a heat treating method using a torch you should use. it is easy to find with google.
This is the ultimate hipster bike. Did you ever try to make bamboo forks?
HOW DID I NOT KNOW OF THIS!<br>i like bikes, ima buy some bamboo seeds soon, and my bike feels like giving up on me too!
this frame was broken and unrideable. we joked about it being fine, and it being ordered just for the project, but it really was broken. <br><br>check out nova cycles for an awesome selection of bike frame pieces. they're my favorite. <br><br>i would be curious to see how you dealt with the rear dropouts using steel lugs.
Surly sells dropouts:<br>http://surlybikes.com/parts/frame_building_parts/<br><br>You'd probably have to weld them to short lengths of steel and then bind them to the bamboo. Getting the alignment right might be difficult, but not impossible.
nothing like re-inventing the wheel!
It looks like bike #1 used parts from a broken carbon frame, but this one looks like it's in good shape. Did you cut up a perfectly good frame?<br><br>I think if I was to attempt such a project I would order steel lugs rather than cut up a frame.

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