Introduction: Bamboo and Pallet Bedside Table

Hi guys !
I recently salvaged Bamboo wood and decided to make a bedside table with it.

I'd like to make a box in pine wood, edges in pallet wood and table top in bamboo.

Step 1: Supplies

Wood :
I bought pine wood on my local hardware shop

I already have pallet (Europal) and bamboo

Hardware :

I bought 6 hinges and 2 hooks and screw on my local hardware shop


Table saw, drill and screw driver, plane, sand paper.

Step 2: The Box

I use wood batten and screws to fix faces of the table together.

Step 3: Pallet Edges

I slavage outside pallet parts and screw them on the top edges of the box then I plane the corner.

Step 4: Bamboo Table Top

I screw the bamboo parts on thin medium wood then I screw the hinges and hooks to the box.

And it's over !

Thank you very much for reading, my English isn’t perfect but I'm doing my best ;). I hope I gave you some ideas! If you like this intructable and have any suggestions, questions or tips please let me know.


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