Another Christmas eve, another last minute build. This one was a few days late.

It runs on a small solar power system, because solar power gets you laid.

Few words but many pictures.

Please ask questions.

Step 1: Bending Bamboo Tightly

Step 2: Partial Bamboo Splitting

Step 3: Holes Without Cracking Bamboo

Turn the drill forward by hand. Run drill in reverse through softer interior. This helps prevent sudden binding that can split bamboo.

Step 4: Hinge

Step 5: Tight Friction Hinges

Step 7: Stone Work (hard Rock)

Step 8: Soft Rock

Step 9: Inlay Switching Power Supply

Omitted in favour of a small 12v solar system and a mostly dead car battery.

Step 10: Fish Cables

Step 11: Switch Interface

Step 12: Fish in the LEDs

These LEDs want 3.2V@30mA

~12v power supply=four 3.2v LEDs in series:
12.8v= 3.2v X 4

2 LEDs in parallel:
30mA X 2 = 60mA


12.8A X 0.06A = 0.768Watts

Step 14: Beach Glass

Step 15: 12V Solar Sexy

Ooo ahhh

Mostly dead car battery... slightly alive.

Step 16: ​Christmas Present

... 3 days late.

<p>Wow, this is so cool!</p>
Glad you like it :)<br><br>Is it worth another Instrucables shirt? XD
Great project! What are the dimensions of the Bamboo and hinge holes
Ah good question. I'm not sure... Let's get the old callipers out...<br>The hinges are drilled out with a 3/8&quot; bit. The bamboo is just under an inch. <br><br>The hinge axle pieces are cut on the node so one end is larger than the hole. The other end is drilled arbitrarily with a hole around 1/8&quot; wide.

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