Bamboo Bike Stand and Fender




Introduction: Bamboo Bike Stand and Fender

I was getting a little bit crazy with the idea of reuse and had a large pile of bamboo still to be put to use. So I threw together a bike stand out of bamboo and a bike fender out of bamboo and soda cans. The bike stand was screwed together with a half-piece of bamboo on top (covered in tube) for the bike to rest in. That was then placed in a umbrella holder and it has held surprisingly well.
The fender was something marvelous. I split a piece of bamboo down the middle and then cut up soda cans and stapled them all together. I ended up with a surprisingly durable fender that got a lot of strange looks. I loved it and so did many others, but of course someone had to come by and destroy the fender when I locked up my bike one day. 



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