This instructable is to share how I make these small pocket sized flutes. You don't need to know to much about bamboo to do this, I taught and am teaching myself about it. Hopefully you will find this usefull. It's fun to play and my children love it. Best of luck for those who choose to try this.

Just a quick video to show that the thing actually works.

Step 1: Choose You Bamboo

First thing you need to do is to choose the piece of bamboo you want to use. I sugest one that has a very straight and prefferably a very flat side to it around the node. The node is where two sections of bamboo meet at.

The piece I chose has been dried already. I do not suggest using a piece of green bamboo for this project. As it dries, it has a higher tendency to split or warp slightly which will change the tone and sound of the bamboo greatly.

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Bio: I'm a Father of 4, Husband of 1, Chef of many, and just like tinkering with almost anything I can get my hands on.
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