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Whenever there are some mushy bananas in the house they either go to the chooks or to Banana Bread.  Now, I am not really much of a baker most of the time but we had a LOT of over ripe bananas and I did not think the chickens could get through all of them so went on the hunt for a simple Banana Bread recipe.  My sister-in-law suggest one which I tinkered with a little (I added melted butter as I really do not like dry banana bread and had a fear it might be dry).

Mash 2-3 bananas, add 50 grams melted butter and 3/4 cup of brown sugar, stir to combine. 

Add 2 eggs, mix through.  Add 1.5 cups of Self Raising flour (more if it is too wet) and mix until combined.  Pour into a greased and lined loaf pan and bake at 170 c for 40-50 minutes.

Serve while warm with butter.  This recipe makes a really moist banana bread.  LOVED IT!

The end of the loaf went to the chooks for lunch.  They did not love it.


GeorgeKr (author)2014-05-25

Made it; it was good. Easy to make as well.

FrecklesMagee (author)2014-02-08

I LOVE banana bread! I voted for this!!

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