Step 4: Add Flour and Baking Soda

Add 2 cups flour and 1 teaspoon baking soda, and stir in gently until mixed.  Scrape sides and mix again.  The resulting batter will be a thin pudding consistency.
<p>Yum yum! This looks absolutely delicious!</p>
Thank you so much! I used half butter and half shortening, seems to work great.
Puedes sentir el aroma?
<p>Si puedo sentirlo! </p>
Delicioso. Gran receta!<br><br>Can you smell it?<br>Delicious. Great recipe!
Made this for my grandparents, they were super stoked on it. Great recipe, 5 stars
<p>Fantastic! Glad to hear it went well. :)</p>
My twins are baking in the oven as we speak. Added chopped white chocolate and almonds. Yum! <br>
<p>White chocolate and almonds sounds amazing. I wonder if dried cherries would go well in there too... </p>
Hi, Canida.<br>This a report from Puebla, MEXICO. We bake banana bread as your recipe, we add chocolate chips and oat cereal. <br>Great!! Delicious!!
<p>Buen trabajo! Me gusta chocolate blanco. :D</p>
ok... you won... lol.. it is over 100 degrees here in Texas and I am making banana nut bread... I must be crazy ..lol.. or hate throwing away bananas...
<p>:D</p><p>Remember you can always peel and freeze your bananas to save for a cold rainy day.</p>
get really hot, then you go outside, it'll feel cool and pleasant.
I am glad to report that the banana bread (with walnuts) I made earlier is ...AWESOME.... and even better with a cold glass of milk... YUMMMY..
embarresed to say this but i live in nebraska- midwest! <br>
I will try it as soon as possible!
What are 2 tablespoons each add-in???
See the Step5, that's that!
Yammm, delicious.Oh and why did I have to stumble upon this?Now I have to go and make me some banana bread:)))
This looks fantastic, and thank you for reminding me that I've got 6 bananas sitting in my freezer that need to be used!<br><br>I've always used brown sugar (prefer dark over light) when making banana bread - does using white sugar result in a different texture in the finished loaves?
I haven't done a side-by-side comparison in banana bread, but I know in cookies brown sugar makes them more moist and chewy.
Thanks! For sure sounds like something I should try.
This looks so good, must try it myself.
Thanks! If you do, please post a picture.
Dang, I wish bananas weren't $13 a kilo at the moment, I could really go some banana bread!
Wow, $13/kilo? Maybe you can get the about-to-spoil dark and squishy ones at a discount.
for me, slices of banana bread is like printing your own money.
They can be exchanged as such in many places!

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