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A Banana Burrito is a simple variant on the classic banana sandwich. Its a healthy snack and is especially convenient during the morning rush.

What I like best about using the wrap is that everything is contained so that you can take it in the car even eating it with one hand. Kids like it because it tastes good and is fun to eat, moms like it because its cheap, easy and healthy.

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients

Picture of Gather the Ingredients
Banana (half or whole depending on the size of your wrap)
Peanut Butter
Tortilla Wrap

Peanut butter packs a lot of sugar but also a lot of protein, you can use natural peanut butters or alternatives like almond butter to get around the sugar and hydrogenated oils. Use whole wheat wraps to boost your daily grain intake and sprinkle flaxseed to get a jolt of Omega-3 fatty acids. The banana is a great source for vitamin B6, vitamin C, and potassium.
daviddd4 years ago
I just made it but i changed it a little...
First i heated the wrap, then i added the spread.
Then a wrapped it with the banana and put it back into the microwave until it was reallly hot.
You have to eat it with a fork and knife though it is really mushy.
Seleziona6 years ago
Do ya really need flax?
not really i think, in my opinion it just adds abit of crunch and fibre
You can't actually digest whole flax seeds; they just go right through you. To get the health benefits of flax you have to consume it ground. I'm thinking that pepitas or wheat germ might be a nice add-in : )
cool, crunchiness is awesome!
Me and my brother loved it. Only thing different from mine and yours is it didnt have the flaxseed.
wow that looks yummy
sora5 years ago
why is your stove covered with aluminum foil?
makalove sora5 years ago
heh, i'm kinda curious about that myself.
sora makalove5 years ago
lol keeps aliens from reading whats on the stove or in the oven O.o
wgates1 sora5 years ago
Makes it easier to keep the stove top clean.
im_tux5 years ago
Good ideas with honey and flax... but i have always had these using just penut butter, jelly and a banana... been doing it ever since i was 10 and im 18 now... it makes a really good breakfast. Im going to grab some flax tomorrow and try it this way.
Nomnomnom! I want to eat this for breakfast now. It looks absolutely delicious!
Liquidmoon5 years ago
You'll find flax seed whole or grounded at any health food store or supermarket. Such as "WHOLEFOOD".
Eirinn5 years ago
At first glance it looked like a pancake with a banana on it getting attacked my an army of fruit flies - at second glance my mouth watered and my tummy started rumbling.
Arbitror6 years ago
When I first saw the first pic, I thought there were bugs all over it! But later (after I read) I found out it was just flax... Looks good though!
Also, "Banana Burito" is a little misleading, every burito i've had always has beans in it. Change the title to "Banana Wrap" or something.
I thought the same thing!
I've never seen this before. I must try it, although, isn't it a bit thick to swallow? :o/
thats what milks for :P
Hmm, perhaps. :oP
lol =D
19samman985 years ago
this is awesome!!! though one question where do you find the seeds?
generator5 years ago
 if you dont want the flaxseeds, but still want the omegas, you could do what i do and mix flaxseed oil into the peanut butter. store it in the fridge like that.
nonya3soum6 years ago
My cousin and I make burritos out of pretty much anything except beans XD In my opinion apples or bananas and PB is the best. Many kudos for sharing this with the instructables world.
cornboy37 years ago
I remember something like this in a kids cook book except instead of peanut butter and honey it is just jam (mmm... strawberry jam)
Scammah7 years ago
Singing "I would like to try some of that"
havanacus7 years ago
I'm looking forward to trying this, I just hope it finally makes the corn tortillas I mistakenly purchased worth eating...
jnixon7 years ago
This looks fantastic. I've never had a banana sandwich, but I am definitely making this over the weekend.
Haha, not being mean, but in the first picture (in the thumbnail) I thought it was a banana with flies on it! But still, great Instructable, that actually does look pretty good.
Neodudeman7 years ago
That looks good! A+