Banana - Mint - Coriander Smoothie



Introduction: Banana - Mint - Coriander Smoothie

It is summer and it is very hot during the day. So I made this smoothie to beat the summer heat with Bananas, fresh Mint and Coriander leaves

Step 1: Ingredients

  • 2 fully ripe Bananas
  • Handful of fresh Mint leaves
  • Handful of fresh Coriander leaves
  • About 1/4th cup of Sugar

Step 2: Make Paste

  • Place Mint leaves, Coriander leaves and sugar in a mixer grinder jar
  • Add small amount of water and grind to a fine paste

Step 3: Filter

  • Using a fine mesh, filter out the juice and discard the remains

Step 4: Make Smoothie

  • Peel Banana skin and cut into small pieces
  • Add the Banana pieces and the mint-coriander- sugar juice to a mixer jar and blend.
  • If required add small amount of water

Banana - Mint - Coriander smoothie is ready

Step 5: Serve Cold

  • Pour the Smoothie into serving glasses
  • Add ice cubes as required and garnish with a mint leaf

This smoothie tastes and smells so good, you will love it.



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