Picture of Banana PC - Custom Laptop Logo
You know.... I like to eat. Eat! eat apples and bananas.

Hip and trendy back lit logos are no longer limited to the apple crowd. You (yes, you) too can release thyself from the drab clutches of the plain boring brand. No longer shall my laptop share the same cattle brand as it's fore bearers.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
What I Used
  • Laptop bezel
  • Laser Cutter
  • Acrylic or other laser cutter safe plastic
  • Vector file of your logo
  • Xacto knife and fresh blade
  • Sand Paper (coarse to fine)
  • Scotch Scrubbies
  • Hot Glue
  • Masking Tape
  • Water
  • Scrap Paper

Now, this is what I used - if I were to do it again I would also use a water jet as laptop plastic (ABS) is some incredibly tough stuff.
tinker2343 years ago
wow exuse me could you tell me how to evenly light the laptop logo

the backlight of the screen lights it up you dont have to do anything unless you want a different color which you can just used colored acrylic sheets

goldbar29754 years ago
does that make the screen dim?
Kungfuboy4 years ago
Hello,my name is King,I am new on Instructables, This is cool! Most of

Americans are creative!from now on,a new brand-Banana Laptop came into

zack2475 years ago
wehn i get a charger, this mod will meet the back of my powerbook 190, and i'll use colored acrylic so it looks like the rainbow apple logo.
scubagus5 years ago
hey i what to do something like that to my old lap, bt just one question. does uting the back of the cover does not affect how your screen looks? i mean, the light fom the sun, (or other source does not afect the way you see the sceen? like a banana shadow on ur screen :D
no i used my laptop with the back of the screen off and it looked just fine i think im going to put the Ubuntu logo on mine
Fwirt7 years ago
I think it's kinda cool... Could you use a dremel instead of a laser cutter? I think that the the DIY factor is really neat, but I know that the burn marks would bug me if it was my laptop.
zack247 Fwirt5 years ago
maybe cutting from the backside would help? that's just a guess though
junits155 years ago
cattle brand......gateway?
santy226 years ago
That's awesome, its likely the way the guys of nickeloden make the pear in the notebooks from Zoey 101 and iCarly, i guess in order to be copyright-free from apple.
AND, Drake and Josh.
yea he forgeted it
mg0930mg6 years ago
My question is what is the batman thing in the window. ;D
trebuchet03 (author)  mg0930mg6 years ago
:D A project that has longed for finishing/documentation... It was a template that was cut to ensure fit.... That shape was water jet cut into aluminum waffle irons - to make perfect bat waffles :D It was my "learn to use the waterjet" project :D
Ahhh.. you should finish it. ;D
futpoo8 years ago
have you noticed a decrease in brightness in your screen?
trebuchet03 (author)  futpoo8 years ago
None whatsoever :) When the machine is off -- and there is light behind it, I notice a very faint banana outline in my monitor :)
Dzwiedziu8 years ago
The idea is good, but the burn marks (as people noticed before me) ruin the effect.
gmjhowe8 years ago
you shoud re spray the lid, to get rid of burn marks, it wud look alot better, also you shud make a see thru shape to fit in, like a window
trebuchet03 (author)  gmjhowe8 years ago
you shoud re spray the lid, to get rid of burn marks, it wud look alot better,
Eventually I'll respray - but it's not that important to me. It adds character ;) Imperfection guaranteed on almost all prototypes - make mistakes design features and all is well.

also you shud make a see thru shape to fit in, like a window
I invite you to read the rest of the instructable.... Key points being step 3 (cutting acrylic), step 5 (removing reflective tape so you can actually see through) and step 6 (frosting acrylic panel), and finally step 7 (attaching acrylic panel the bezel).
i apologize, i never have enuff time to read an entire instructable, i just tend to scribble a comment,
vitozilla8 years ago
nice i will be watching out for batman. good stuff man i dig all your instructables.
vitozilla8 years ago
i would of used the batman logo in the background of step 2. otherwise cool instructable.
trebuchet03 (author)  vitozilla8 years ago
Oh don't worry... Batman makes it's debut online soon... In good time though ;)
nikc128 years ago
that sort of looks, um, not so good...
trebuchet03 (author)  nikc128 years ago
Yep, like I said - I had a bit of a miscalculation ;) It gives it character along with the rosewood interior trim ;)
tomonto8 years ago
feelin a surge of instructables arent we?
trebuchet03 (author)  tomonto8 years ago
No surge, just hitting critical mass.... I've had a lot backed up and a good chunk of time to kick them out. Some of these have been written - just waiting images to be uploaded :p
The Banana Jr has always been one of my favorite computers.
trebuchet03 (author)  Tool Using Animal8 years ago
Hooray :) The reference has been caught :)
Oh man, I've been meaning to do a variation on this idea for a couple months.