Banana Prank/magic Trick


Introduction: Banana Prank/magic Trick

This Instructable will teach you a great prank or magic trick that will baffle your victims mind. They will open a seemingly normal banana and then find out that it is cut into slices without anyone doing anything. This is a lot of fun to do and I hope you have fun with it.

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Step 1: Materials

All you need is:
A banana

Step 2: Cutting the Banana

Now take the toothpicks and at regular intervals stick them into the back of the banana, then move them around until you are sure they have cut the banana but have not damaged the peel then remove them.

Step 3: Now Watch the Magic Happen

Now give your unsuspecting victim the banana and watch the surprise on their faces.
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    I tried this with my coworker, he was so surprised!!!!! He opened the banana and was like -- what the?! as pieces of banana fell on his lap.

    I've actually done this before! It's quite fun and works very well.

    Also convenient if you want to pack a banana for lunch. :D