Banana Shake Made With Liquid Nitrogen





Introduction: Banana Shake Made With Liquid Nitrogen

just playing with Liquid Nitrogen



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    FACT-you dont want to drink liquid nitro its toxic and you're cute

    Actually, since nitrogen is naturally gaseous, it evaporates in a matter of seconds. What it does is it takes the energy (heat) from the drink which freezes it and then it becomes nitrogen gas. Even if nitrogen was toxic (which it's not), it's not even in the drink anymore. Ingesting liquid nitrogen by itself will kill you but that's because it will freeze your skin before it can even get down into your digestive system.

    Here's a FACT for you: Most ice cream produced in large quantities is made using liquid nitrogen. Cool, huh?

     NO.. not toxic
    however at the exteam low temperature it can be
    very dangerous!
    The stuff will freeze a tennis ball in seconds.
    The tennis ball will shatter when dropped... like a cheap wine glass! toxic? explain please. that whole...atmosphere with 80-some percent of it must be dangerous. I can see drinking it straight and the frostbite...perhaps the gaseous expansion 'clefting you in twain'...but toxic?

    donde consigues el nitrogeno liquido?

    You have liquid nitrogen?

    Make a proper 'ible about making ice-cream in less than thirty seconds!