Banana Split Birthday Cake!

Picture of Banana Split Birthday Cake!
When I first met my now-Best Bud at the age of 16 or so, he, my sister and I would often go to the movies and then go to Demetres afterwards. When we didn't decide to go full-piggly and get a massive, eat-it-and-its-free style ice cream platter between the three of us, he would order the next best thing: a banana split.

Did I mention that he is lactose intolerant, has cold-sensitive teeth, and was ALLERGIC TO BANANAS??? What kind of special self-punishment took place in that humble dessert parlour every other Friday night or so? That is some SAW III style stuff right there.

He recently got an allergy test and it was discovered that his adverse reaction to banana has apparently disappeared, so when it came to his birthday last week, I knew exactly what I had to make: a banana split morphed into a cake.

This is a wonderful, light and moist banana cake (not the same as banana bread!) filled with strawberry buttercream and sliced bananas, strawberries and drizzled with caramel; covered in vanilla buttercream, rich chocolate ganache, sprinkles, peanuts, whipped cream, maraschino cherries and a candle. Whew. Eating this thing takes about as long as making it (but it is totally, totally worth it.) 
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Step 1: Prepare your pans and your oven!

Picture of Prepare your pans and your oven!
Turn the oven to 350 and let that pre-heat for a good 20 minutes. Put your rack one down from the middle of the oven.

I did this as a two-layer cake, with a fat layer of goodies sandwiched between two thick banana cake layers, similar in spirit to the dessert itself.* Get your pans (in this case, 2 9" pans) and grease them lightly all over with butter, then cut out a parchment paper circle for the bottoms. 

*You can mix it up and cut your layers in two, for a greater buttercream-to-cake ratio. Or bake it in 3 pans, or 6 pans, or whatever. The conversions will be pretty rough but just keep in mind that more smaller pans = shorter cooking time. Check for done-ness, YMMV, etc. 
jam00034 months ago
OMG that is a beast looking cake! My 13th birthday is coming up in two months and as soon as I set eyes on this beauty, I knew I had to have it! Thank you so much! ;D
zamrin1 year ago
this cake looks so professional i would buy it if it was in stores!!
karalalala2 years ago
McDonalds Peanuts! GENIUS!
Frederbee2 years ago
Looks fantastic, I'll be making this soon! It's too cold here to go out for ice cream, so this should whet that banana royale craving
Wow! That is a beautiful looking cake. I thought for sure that the cake was going to be a lie at first. ;)
LOL! I thought the same.

It's absolutely stunning and sounds tasty if only I liked bananas. Regardless, truly wonderful job and very clever!
eatproperly2 years ago
what a fun idea
Lorddrake2 years ago
I have a birthday coming up soon .. are you accepting applications for new best friends? :D