Food shouldn't suck, even if it's on a stick.

This dessert on a stick might have a lot of steps, but it elevates the humble banana split into art, which is where it really belongs.

Step 1: Scoop the Ice Cream Balls

Scoop out little balls of ice cream.  I used vanilla bean, but you can use whatever flavor you want.  Use a high quality ice cream without too much air volume.

Stick the ice cream balls back in the freezer.
Maybe use the caramel recipe from here ( https://www.instructables.com/id/Caramel-Recipe/#step1 ) for a truly amazing caramel on this desert
I'd serve that in my restaurant.
I'd eat that in your restaurant!
it looks dirty haha ;)
This is awesome, but how on Earth do you eat it?
Fancy Dessert for the Mrs. at home! where do i get a mini blow torch O_O
I got my kitchen torch at Bed Bath and Beyond... I think it was about $10-15. There are nicer ones that work better for a little more money. I can't remember where we got Josh's little butane torch in the photo. For some reason, we seem to have several little torches...
This looks so delicious! Also, thanks for your comment :)
what is this I don't even
It's a banana split on a stick. That looks amazing. With a strawberry on top.
I know, it's just a little... how should I put it.... mind blowingly awesome.
That comment seems in the exact opposite mindset from your original comment. You used correct spelling and grammar, you understood what it was, and you were saying it was awesome. Interesting.
You missed the joke. It's a meme...:D
yeah. it's a bit hard to explain the meme. just like all other memes.
I hate bananas, but this is such a thing of beauty that I had to vote for it anyway. 8-)
I totally hope you win the Stuff on a Stick contest with this! It's gorgeous! - Pj
Looks amazing as I'm sure it tastes as well, but this is bugging me: How would one go about actually eating this?
It's easiest if you bite the drizzles first.
About how long does it take?
That depends on how good you are at multitasking, how many you're making, and whether you have a toddler and baby getting in the way... None of the steps should take very long.
Not only is the assembled result cool, you taught us how to make several things here that are cool either by themselves or as part of other dishes. Excellent 'ible!
"That looks like a naughty play toy" that is the first thing the wife said. I have the icecream balls ready to go for the construction tonight. they look good hope mine look as fine as yours
Truly impressive.
I really don't know what to say about that dessert. Especially at risk being banned from unaproppriate comments. I will leave comments to the opposite side. I prefer rather "traditional" banana-split dessert. Nice idea though.
This looks amazing!!! I'm not a fan of the banana split but seeing this makes me wanna give it a try!!!
WOW. This is an amazing idea - you have my vote!
jaw dropping and amazingly epic... I love it!
A work of art - looks yummy!
Excellent Stuff on a Stick! Will have to make these sometime
Deliciously beautiful!... looks very like an expensive dessert at a fancy schmancy place.. lol
This looks so yummy. Very nice!
Nice! I love the whipped cream rosettes and sugar drizzles, working with cooked sugar is so much fun!
Awesome!<br> 5* and my vote
Beautiful stuff!
you should submit this to https://www.instructables.com/group/checkitout/ for my check it out challenge, although it wasn't the specific challenge for the week it falls into one of the topics food art https://www.instructables.com/id/Carleyys-Blog-Round-Up-August-9th/step4/Food-Art/
You should be proud of yourself, you are making a lot of people very happy! LOL
Oh. My. God. You, are my new best friend. You will be my 1<sup>st </sup>Stuff on a Stick Contest vote!<br>
This is cool

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