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Want a cool, delicious treat on a hot summer day? Oh don't we all, but wait! Summer is when I was hoping to shed those stubborn winter pounds that are still hanging on for dear life, and ease up on my intake of those pesky little things we call calories... so... ready for the WIN/WIN solution!?!? ahem! ... let me tell you about cool, delicious, naturally fat-free, banana "ice cream" (!!)

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Step one: Locate some bananas.  
(note: even well ripened ones work wonderfully, these are the sweetest and even sometimes a bit cheaper at some stores :) ) 

Step 2:

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Step two: Peel the bananas.

Step 3:

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Step three: break bananas into 1"-2" pieces.

Step 4:

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Step four: place bananas chunks in freezer until frozen. :)

Step 5:

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Step five: Put frozen banana chunks through an electric juicer and out comes your BANANA "ICE CREAM"
(note: adding blueberries, strawberries, granola, or other yummy toppings is a fun way to complete this healthy, tasty treat!)

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Step six: Enjoy!! :) You can indulge in this yummy "ice cream" treat with no guilty feelings whatsoever!  Remember, it's just fruit! And it's good for you!! :) 


ppgemily (author)2013-08-06

what about blender? that's all I have but this looks delicious

tabbers (author)2013-08-05

Nope, :) I think it is definitely closer to the consistency of ice cream than a slushie or even a smoothie. Although it is very soft, so more like soft serve ice cream; an electric juicer, I use a Champion, creams the frozen bananas into a thick and smooth ice cream-like treat. :)

Kiteman (author)2013-08-05

So, it's a "banana slushie"?

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