This instructable is for a banana mousse, which is very easy to make, cheap and very beautiful too!
I hope my instractable will be easy and clear to understand! If you decide to make it yourself - good luck and bon apetit!

Step 1: Ingredients

Serves four.
400ml double cream
5 table spoon of icing sugar
Half a tea spoon of vanilla essence
2 bananas
Strawberry jam

For the decoration you will need: cooking chocolate, piping bag with a very small round nozzle, berries, fresh mint herb will be great too (I didn't have mint and had to use ready-made icing petals). Use icing sugar to sprinkle your dessert right at the end as a last touch!
Mmmm, love fruity treats! And that chocolate really gives it a fancy touch :)
This looks really tasty, however did you name it "Mouse" instead of "Mousse" on purpose? I read thru it really fast so I might have missed something. I like the chocolate decorations. Keep up the good work! :)
hahaha my mistake. I only just noticed it because you told me :D Sorry and thank you for telling me - I'll edit it now if I can :-) <br>p.s. I'm glad you liked my intractable and thanks for the compliment! :-) <br>
Looks beautiful, I can imagine it would taste good too.I will try it out tonight and see if it really is so easy to make :)
Talk about being environmentally damaged, I clicked on this expecting something to do with a computer mouse ... or even something like this: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_oNLh-ZFSd9E/S9UN1oIjFNI/AAAAAAAAAGM/BDJk_i5aZ3o/s1600/mouse+banana.jpg <br> <br>But admittedly your actual instructable is a lot more yummy looking than I thought it would be before clicking. I especially like how it does not rely on tons of chocolate - since i personally don't like too much chocolate (I find brownies to be a way of saying &quot;i have no imagination, but everyone loves chocolate&quot; try being the only kid not crazy about chocolate at a childrens birthday...) - sorry for digressing, late night and i got nothing better to do <br>
Hi mh76dk. <br> You started on such a negative note that my heart almost stopped beating ( as if i've done sth bad) :D . Thanks for your strange compliment and hope you'll have a good night! :-)
Apologies for the near-death experience. It was indeed meant as a compliment :-) <br>
no probs. Hope you're feeling better :-)
Well. It is now noon and I am still awake. but mood-wise I do feel better, thanks.
WOW this looks fantastic! check out my latest dessert! <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Mint-Chocolate-Brownie-Sensational-Sundae/

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