Step 5: Ok, Bananas are cool..but...

This is a fun afternoon project that my kids loved playing with, but what could you do from here?

Here's some ideas:
  • Replace the bananas with Playdough
  • Replace the bananas with cups of water
  • Replace the bananas with conductive paint

Instead of controlling an audio synthesizer,  the propeller can easily control a connected computer, or even devices in the home.

monkey ate bananas
It would be ironic to play "Yes, We Have No Bananas!" with Bananaphone. You made The Humongous laugh. He salutes you.
Did you try to play some Velvet Underground tunes with it ? I think that John Cage will be pleased.
This, sir, is very Gangster ;)
I'm picturing a "banana contest" in the future.
awesome !!!
I'll keep this instructable printed and locked into a folder just to allow my daughter tell her friends in school that her father can make bananas sing!
When will I start seeing these in music stores near me? <br>
Well that's it. This is the best instructable ever.
I'll have to try this with an Arduino.
that is amazing! how useful are bananas?! the skins are also great for removing insolubles like metals from water - great for the wastes management industry.

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