Picture of Band Saw Sled for Small Pieces of Wood...

Made with the Laser Engraver...

I had a need to cut multiple dowels and didn't have access to the table saw right away.

I drew a simple sled - a foundation design for more enhancements and sizes - which I could burn and assemble with glue.

I built this at TechShop San Jose - www.techshop.ws

Step 1: Hello MDF, My Old Friend...

Picture of Hello MDF, My Old Friend...

It's made from 1/4" MDF - one of my favorites for laser cutting and assembling.  Great for Jigs! Cheap!

The height of the fence is 1/4" in this case - this was enough to address the 1/4" dowels I needed to cut.  I can easily upgrade this to a higher fence/sled for larger stock - 1/2" dowels, for example.

chipper352 years ago
Very interesting! Dumb question: I don't get the black markers........are those just measurement markers??
togo1919 (author)  chipper352 years ago
I used a bunch of them just to assure alignment between the runner, sled base, and fence.

Often, folks will cut the end of the sled off and I wanted to make sure there were still plenty of tenons left if this was done.

togo1919 (author)  chipper352 years ago

When the laser cuts through the MDF, it burns the wood. The dark 'markers' are the tenons that are cut out.

The MDF is 1/4", and the tenon width is 1/2". I turn them on their sides to insert them between the sled base and fence.

Make sense? If not, I'll make sure to show assembly details next time.
This is a good idea, are you willing to share your vector file with your post?
togo1919 (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Okay. I've added the vector file now...
togo1919 (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Oops! Will do that a bit later today.
spiderham2 years ago
It looks great but you can clamp a scrap board to the saw's miter guide for the same effect and you get the added bonus of angle adjustment.
togo1919 (author)  spiderham2 years ago
(psst... spiderham... I get a free class every time I write an Instructable... Don't tell anyone...)