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Introduction: Bane Mask "The Dark Knight Rises"

This is my rendition of alexthemoviegeek's bane mask found here.

 started the mask on Sunday July 15, 2012 with the sole intention of wearing the mask to the premier of The Dark Knight Rises on Thursday. I'm an amateur and knew there was no way I could get the latex technique down (having never worked with it before) and molded in time to look presentable. Instead I used a Paint respirator found here
The respirator proved to be incredibly easy to work with and came with straps already which worked very well in securing the mask tightly to anyone's face. 

For the detail on the front I used many of the ideas alexthemoviegeek had. Especially pens and noisemakers. These were easy to cut and just looked great when painted. I didnt want to buy expensive legos though and had no tools to make latex covers of so instead i found some ribbed plastic straws (the ones that accordian) and they worked great. 

I also made the flaps a bit differently. I used velcro in the back. First the right flap attaches to the left flap horizontally. Then you just attach the top flap and adjust so the mask is at the right height. Sorry I don't have more pictures showing this but everyone that puts the mask on loves how easy it is and, more importantlly, how breathable it is.

I used mesh on the inside of the flaps instead of cloth to give it some more air. Also the paint respirator natually works well for normal breathing so that was no problem either. 

All in all this project took me 15 hours of building time with about 3-4 hours of shopping time. I probably could have built it much quicker had I used a dremel instead of poor exacto knives for all of the cutting!

Hope this inspires you to go make your own mask and bring gotham to its reckoning. become the bat breaker!



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    Could you answer my question about the respirator's rigidity/flexibility/thickness? I'm not sure you saw it.

    Another question: What are the exact measurements for the foamie and cloth at the top part of the mask? I'm guessing the tip is 1.2 in, but the rest is more troublesome.

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    the top flap starts at 1.25" and at its widest 4.5".
    It the tapers back down to 2.75" when it meets the back of the neck. I am not sure if this mimicks the real mask however these dimensions looked the best on my head and gave me the most space for the jewelry rivets and leather pieces so it wasnt overly cluttered or too spaced out.

    Hello. Great mask. Do you know where I could find some currugated tubes/straws like that? I can't find them anywhere.

    Plus, the previous question being answered would be nice,

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    sorry for lack of replies folks.

    the straws honestly were the toughest things to find. I ended up finding them at a dollar store in the kids section. but the other day i was walking around walmart and saw such straws in the halloween aisles. check party stores for these packs of speciality/seasonal straws.

    the other option as alex used is legos but again these run expensive unless u have your old Technic pieces lying around.

    hope this helps, they are out there just need to really search. i think the shopping took me over 4 hours and ended up returning half the stuff. keep those receipts!

    Okay, thanks. And another question: How solid/flexible is the respirator? Is it pretty much a piece of paper, like most, or is it made up of thicker, more solid material? And how well does it hold?

    Great mask! I have a couple questions. The overhead and side straps, what are those made of? Is it the same material alexthemoviegeek used? The bottom of the mask, is the straight pieces and the pieces connecting them made of the pen pieces and caps too? Also the base of the headstrap connecting to the mask is that pen caps too? Thanks in advance for answering my questions and again its a great mask!

    Great job on the mask. I'm in the same boat regarding the plaster casting and latex method - it's fantastic, but I'm not well-versed in that particular art form and would prefer something more like what you've done here. I do have some questions. First - how did you attach the overhead strap to the top of the respirator? Second - how did you anchor the pen pieces/noisemaker bits into the respirator? Third, what are the uppermost pieces that the nose hoses come out of (the red and blue pieces in picture 1)? Finally (I think), what are the small black straps with silver ringlets that wrap around the wire-protecting tube on top? I'd appreciate any help that you can give me, and congrats on a really nice piece of work.

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    Sorry for the late reply OnTheLevel.

    Everything was attached using hot glue. There were points, as you mentioned, that needed a bit more reinforcement and here i used some super glue. I hate the stuff though as it smells and gets really irritating. What i did to connect the straps was use a mesh lining that extended further into the mask. this made for more surface area for the glue to hold onto.

    same answers for all the tubes on the mask. everything was hot glued. this works really well to adhere to the fuzzy outer lining of the mask. trust me they wont come off just take your time and dont be stingy with the hot glue. You can always clean that up after. the paint does a good job of hiding it anyhow.

    The uppermost pictures were caps of mini-sharpies.

    leather straps. you can buy some cheap leather from michaels for a couple bucks and the ringlets as well.

    love to see ur final product