Bank fishing or fishing from the shore is a popular approach to fishing for catfish. Not all anglers have access to boats but that certainly doesn't limit your ability to catch catfish if you take the right approach.

The video is all about catfishing from the shore using slip bobbers and catfish punch baits. Chad Ferguson from Learn To Catch Catfish and Catfish Edge and Charles Jones from CJ's Catfish Bait Company walk you through the process to help you learn how to catch catfish when fishing from the shore using punch baits.

In this video:

What type of tackle to use
How to rig and the advantage of a slip bobber
How to choose the right location for fishing
What to look for in these locations
Selecting your bait
How long to stay if your not catching fish
More great catfishing tips and tricks

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Bio: I am a Texas based professional catfish guide that operated in North Texas and I also manufacture a popular catfish bait. In addition, I write ... More »
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