Bank Made From Shadow Box





Introduction: Bank Made From Shadow Box

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To make this bank, I started out with a 5x7 shadow box.  I used my Cricut Expression cutting machine and the cartridge Nifty Fifties to cut out a bowling pin and title for the inside.  I placed my cuts on a sheet of white cardstock cut to fit the shadow box.  Once I had this cut, I used a pencil to make a mark on the back of the shadow box and on the cut out for the change to fit into the box.  (Make sure this is large enough that a quarter can fit through)  Next, once these were cut, I used a tape runner to attach my decorative insert to the back of the shadow box.  Then, I put it back together and it was ready to add change to.



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    This is very cool! You have given me ideas at how I could do the same with different backs. What fun gifts they could be! Voted for you for the I made it! Good luck!

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    Thanks so much! You could make these banks with just about any background. :)

    I love the idea for a bank made from a shadow box. You have been busy!!