Bankrobber Turntable


Introduction: Bankrobber Turntable

The 1st step was to quickly render out my design in photoshop filling in areas with solid colors using the fill bucket tool and some simple flat colors.

The 2nd step was to interpret my concept of the bank robber in 3D modeling the design in zbrush. I had to keep in mind that the end result of this project was going to be a turntable maquette so i added a base stand to the bank robber 3D model. The bevel gears, lever, and box that encased the gears were all modeled in solidworks. 

The 3rd step was to laser cut out a clear acrylic cylinder with black acrylic rings that i glued to the top of the box that encased the gears. Reasoning for this is so that anyone rotating this model could see the bevel gears in action.

The 4th step was to place all the pieces together, making sure the bevel gears fit in relation to one another and testing how my final maquette turntable rotates. 



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    This is really cool. You should turn this into a Step-by-Step instructable.

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    Thanks! Any suggestions on how to make it a better inscrutable? Also if you have any questions about this process hit me with some questions and i will try and answer them best of my knowledge.

    It might help to mention that you 3D printed the model ;-)

    What inspired you to make this project? Is it part of a larger series?

    Im not sure how to/or if i can edit the instructable but i do appreciate the suggestions you gave me on how to explain this project better so i am going to add my answers to your questions here.

    Bank Robber Maquette Turntable:

    This project is indeed a 3D print with the exception of the laser cut acrylic top of the gear box. It was printed using a Dimension SST 1200es printer that uses ABS plastic as its model material.

    My inspiration for this project came while i was a student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. My classmates and i would always have maquette sculptures that we would bring to class to present to the instructor before being OK'ed to start on the full size sculpt. Due to a lack of banding wheels (Turntables) provided to the students I found that the majority of the class had difficulty showing off their maquette sculptures in the full 3D affect that a sculpture is supposed to have. So this is what sparked my idea for the turntable maquette stand. The final product of this model is a maquette of a Bank Robber character that is able to rotate on a bevel gear that is placed inside of a cylinder box with a lever on the side so that the Maquette sculpture is easily viewable as it rotates a full 360 degree.

    As far as this project being part of a larger series of characters it actually is. I have another project called Skullboy that is found here on instructables. I have a version of this character that i printed out with the same base that the Bank Robber has that allows him to slide on and off of the bevel gear. Hopefully in the near future i can model up some more characters to join this series.