Step 5: Putting it all together

Try out revisions and multiple designs.  I decided to give this as a gift to a friend who loves Fight Club.   Not wanting to force him to be committed to buying 9volt batteries the rest of his life, I jacked the power from an old cell phone charger.  Had I originally intended to do this, I wouldn't have built the 5volt circuit regulator as it's kinda unnecessary now.   I printed off a new image and colored it in with Sharpie.  Cut it down to size and viola, a personalized awesome wall light thingy.   Added are some other image ideas.  Any image will work.  I prefer black and white graffiti stencil.  But feel free to try out whatever art you are into.  For  a total cost of under $20 US dollars, you can get crazy printing different skins and changing your awesome wall light to whatever suits your daily mood.