We had to create banner holders to hold banners for Vacation Bible School.  The cheapest ones we found on the internet were about $70 each, so we had to find an alternative solution.    We decided upon an "H" pattern of 1 inch diameter PVC for the base.  In the middle of the "H" base, we put a "T" connector with a vertical 5 foot piece of 1 inch diameter PVC.  The banner holder was attached to the top of this with a "T" connector and 1 inch PVC.  

Step 1: Materials

15 feet of 1 inch diameter PVC
4 1 inch PVC "T" connectors
PVC glue
Plastic spray paint
2 1 inch PVC end caps
30 inches of 3/8 inch diameter wood dowel
Excellent build; the finished product looks very professional. No criticism intended; I'm a compulsive proofreader: the correct spelling you want here is "taut" not "taught."
Thanks for the "taut" find. I fixed it. You might have to refresh your browser to see the change.
Nice project, keep up the good work!

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