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HI Guys i am Ajay from a the place called Banjarapalaya India

Today I am showing the Banyan anti-hair fall shampoo for especial for long hair.

This Banyan anti-hair fall shampoo keeps your head cool and it helps the roots to grow thick and strong.

There are only 5 to steps to make your own in 2 min. I learnt this technique since it's a practice in our rural Indian village


  1. banyan roots
  2. coconut shell (optional)
  3. stone

Step 1: Pick Roots

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First pick the banyan roots

Step 2: Wash the Roots

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Wash the banyan roots using any available cleaner river water or tap water.

Step 3: Take a Stone

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Take a stone and wash the stone in the water.

Step 4: Take the Stone for Grinding the Roots

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You need 2 stones for grind banyan roots, one has to be small, which you hold in your hand to grind and the other has to have a flat base. Wash both the stones to clean off the dirt. You can use the mixer grinder if you're indoors.

Step 5: Grind the Banyan Roots,

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Put the leaves on a bigger piece of rock which has a rough surface and
start rubbing the leaves such that they get crushed in between the two stones. You have to put some drops of water in between the grinding procedure.You'll obtain a brownish paste in the end,

Step 6: Collect the Root Paste

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Finally the root paste will come.

Step 7: Apply Shampoo

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Put the paste on the hair, and evenly spread it.

Step 8: Massage

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Massage so that the paste reaches the scalp region.

Then go for bath after leaving 1 hour

If any body wants banyan roots mail us will send it for you or


out12down (author)2015-09-10

How often do you need to use this?

Ajay mam (author)out12down2015-09-16

You must use weekly twice!!

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