Baofeng UV5R Repeater


Introduction: Baofeng UV5R Repeater

A repeater is a device that can easily "repeat" radio signals and extend the range of radios. Repeaters are normally hundreds of thousands of dollars and are huge towers. Here is a way to make a repeater for $60.

Remember never use a radio on a frequency that you are not licensed for.


Just to reiterate any violations to the rules and regulations through the use of this project to FCC RULES AND REGULATIONS ARE NOT MY FAULT. Just be sure that you know where you are allowed to transmit. DON'T TRANSMIT ON A FREQUENCY THAT YOU ARE NOT LICENSED TO TRANSMIT ON.

Step 2: The Parts You Will Need.

For this Repeater you will need 2 Baofeng uv5r radios.

You will also need a 2.5 mm jack to 3.5 mm jack

Step 3: Programming the Radios

Okay this is the heart of the project. It took me hours but it could take you minutes.

First you're going to need a radio frequency. To program a frequency make sure that you are in frequency mode, as opposed to channel mode. Once you are in frequency mode you key in the number of the frequency through the keypad. The frequency should be set. Make sure you pick a frequency that you are licensed on! On your TX radio you will need to enable VOX. VOX allows the user to transmit their voice through the radio without their hands. Make sure that your radios are on the same band (this took up about a day to figure out.) You also need to make sure that your repeater will not interfere with any electronics or other repeaters in your area. Remember that you are the control operator of the repeater and any violations to "Part 97 of FCC rules and regulations" are your fault if they pass through your repeater.


Keep in mind that the two frequencies will have to be different in order for the repeater to work.

Step 4: Thanks for Taking the Time to Look at This Instructable. This Is What Your End Project Should Look Like.



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    Plus the walkie talkie being used for the transmitter will suffer extreme heat build up under use from a few users on the system. I have a baofeng uc5r and I keyed down for 1 minute and the the inside chassis was very hot. Use mobile radios with large heat sink and a fan for better dependability.

    A word of advice, don't use walkie talkies for repeaters. They may work for temporary installations, but as a permanent use no way. I cant see how you could keep desense out of the receiver being next to the transmitter.
    being used

    Hi, would you "draw" the schematic of the cable for it ?

    1 reply

    "Same band"... I don't thinks so. This setup and info is a bit flawed.

    Very simple repeater! Thanks for sharing!