Bar Etiquette Tips: How NOT to Order When You're at the Bar #3- the Double Order





Introduction: Bar Etiquette Tips: How NOT to Order When You're at the Bar #3- the Double Order BAR ETIQUETTE TIPS When you're at the bar or at the club, you need to know how to order. Knowing how to order properly is important for a number of reasons. First, it makes you look like you know what you're doing. More importantly, it'll get you faster and friendlier service from the bartenders. If you don't know how to order properly and don't tip well, the reality is that you'll likely be waiting for a long time to get served.  Learn these bar etiquette NO-NOs and you'll be ViP in no time.  This one's #3 in the series and it's called "The Double Order"



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    @AngryRedhead - these videos come from a series called Bar Etiquette NO-NOs and they're done in a cheeky, somewhat funny manner as a means of educating the general public on how to order drinks at the bar. I usually explain how to order properly at the end of each of the videos.

    I have tons more videos and articles on my site ( explaining the "real" world of bartending.

    I obviously should add something to the write-up as people are taking them a little too seriously.

    Obviously bartenders should never say these things to customers.

    Thanks for subscribing - I'll be uploading more of the how-to-bartend videos soon.


    I'm seeing a theme with these tips, but I think it would be helpful to step it back a notch and honestly explain how complicated ordering can be such as what it means to order from the well, what a tall is, etc.  I understand there are LOTS of things to vent about while working at a bar, but I have a feeling there are LOTS of people who genuinely would like to know how to order a drink properly at a bar.  So what SHOULD people do at a bar?  What SHOULD people know about ordering?  It's complicated, confusing stuff for most people.

    Ooh yeah, Bar Basics for Beginners!