Bar Height Adirondack Chairs From Scrap Wood





Introduction: Bar Height Adirondack Chairs From Scrap Wood

We built a house last year so not everyone has the kind of scraps laying around that we did. But there was so much and when we didn't have the time or energy to do anything with it, we just started to burn it.

Now that spring has sprung, however, we started looking at porch furniture and found that bar height adirondack style chairs, even online, were really expensive.

So while I was gone one weekend, my husband made a prototype...and this past weekend we cut and sanded everything we could scrounge up to make the parts for 5 more chairs, including cutting up 4 x 6 and 6 x 6 chunks of unused beams for boards.

If your time is worth anything, than it could be a loser for you. Truth is it was a fun way to spend a weekend. When they're finished they'll get a dark coat of Cabot's Cordovan Brown stain. And then it's party time!

Unfortunately I dropped my camera out of the pouch pocket of my very dirty sweatshirt, so the one assembled photo is from my crappy phone camera. Note that on the last pic, you can see the new arm style we're going change out on the prototype and use for the rest of the chairs.



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Yeah they are great. Pitty mo actual plans so we may have these great chairs too

How can I get the specs for this project?

I would like to have the plans for the bar stool

These are great but I did not realize there were no measurements. I even upgraded to Pro with the hopes that the measurements would be there. Is there anyway of getting the plans or at least the board cut list?

It looks so neat! I really like the curved arm as well. :)

Hi, I just downloaded your instructions but there are no measurments or instructions. How do I get these?

any luck in getting some plans for this chair?

Hi, do you have the specs on this. I would like to see dimensions.

I will be making these for my back porch.