Bar Lacing





Introduction: Bar Lacing

This will be a tutorial on Another way to Bar Lace your shoes from...

Step 1: String

String the laces evenly over the eyelets.

Step 2: String

Use the right string and go under the right eyelet. the eyelet above the last.

Step 3: String

Take the right string and go straight across (1st bar)

Step 4: String

Take the Left one (the one still in the first eyelet) ad put it through the 3rd eyelet on the right.

Step 5: REPEAT

cross with the right, put the left through the third,cross with the right, put the left through the third. once at the top, put the left through the third again and put the right across again but underneath both eyelets.




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I don't know what the method is called - but it's a British Army method and the reason for it is that the laces cross underneath and keep the tongue in place. This may not be necessary for shoe's but for boots it helps a lot.

 Ah. Makes sense!

 From what I heard, it is used because it is easier to cut the boot off if a soldier is injured and needs medical attention quickly.

wow thats cool i never knew that! =]

I was taught to do this too in sea cadets, cept you cldnt see the lace underneath the stair casing. We were told its also a safety measure, since, if your foot is caught in something its easier to cut the boot off than the regular way of lacing shows.

i honestly dont understand @ all :( sorry i wish i could say it helped but it didn't.

i was lookin for some different way to tie mi shoes haaa

In the IDF we tie a knot in one end of the lace, and thread it bar style once through. One sharp blade drawn between the eyelets will open the (7 eyelet) boot.