24” in diameter piece of wood (3)
44” Metal tube (from base to top) (3)
piece of wood for base (28” inches length and width)  (3)
Block of wood (length: 3 ½ inches and Width: 4 inches) (6)

Drill Bits
Screw Driver
Tape Measure
Sand Paper
Drill Press
Belt/ Disc Grinder
Band Saw

Step 1:

1. Grab a large piece of wood which you will use to cut out the pieces

Step 2:

2. On the wood, measure out a circle 24 inches in diameter. This will be the top.

Step 3:

3. Using a circular saw, cut the excess wood off around the ‘top’

Step 4:

4. Once done cutting the excess wood off, sand the edges with the Disc Grinder to make the edges smooth.

Step 5:

5. Put that piece aside and now grab another piece of wood.

Step 6:

6. Measure 28 inches for the base

Step 7:

7. Mark the length at 28 inches

Step 8:

8. Cut the piece out with the circular saw

Step 9:

9. Now, take a metal tube and cut it so it’s 44 inches long. This will be the attachment from the base to the top.

Step 10:

10. Take two blocks of wood and screw one into the base, and the other on the underside of the top.

Step 11:

11. Now you have all three pieces for the table so sand the base and top till smooth

Step 12:

12. Apply about three coats of varnish. Let the previous coat dry before adding another one.

Step 13:

13. After the coats of varnish are dry, take screws and screw in the 44 inch metal pole into the top and base

Step 14:

14. Repeat steps 1-12 until 3 tables are made
<p>Nice, they look very versatile!</p>

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