BarCheBurger or How Kick Up a Ff Burger





Introduction: BarCheBurger or How Kick Up a Ff Burger

I'm not going to claim I invented this delicious alternative but the original came about late one night after an evening of drinking and disco in a friends families BBQ shack. This was also the period where I first learned about BBQ. In this case I'm cheating and using fastfood burgers and chain bbq but it is an over the top kind of sandwich when using homemade ! Since the original used frozen meat patties cooked on a flat top the FF version is actually close to the original . Now I have to admit this is a kind of spur of the moment "ible"  I bought the pulled pork for another recipe/ible but I was hungry and there's this fastfood joint on the way home, waiting at the drivethru window it suddenly hit me... "DO a BarCheBurger ible" !

Step 1: Gathering the Goodies

OK I admitted already I cheated but there are some people who don't have the means to make homemade pulled pork or even burgers and this combo definately kicks up your run of the mill dollar menu cheeseburger!   Oh Yea.... you'll need either a cheeseburger or double cheeseburger and french fries from your favorite fastfood purveyor, it doesn't make much difference if any, Ive even used the miniburgers from Krystals in the past now stop at your favorite bbq shack or get the packaged stuff at walmart, but, that comes with a red sauce...

Step 2: Getting Started

I like to pop my ff fries in the toaster over for a couple minutes to crisp them up and warm up the BBQ in the nukerwave, if your burger has cooled down you can nuke it along with the pulled pork

Step 3: Build It

Ok, now that everything is warm it's time to start building, open your burger, top or bottom doesn't matter in the end, add your layer/s of french fries and top with a portion of pulled pork and hot sauce (the original used a homemade "sauce" made with mr pibb, applecider vinager and crushed red pepper flakes) use what ever you like. some variations we made had a vinager based, shredded cabbage coleslaw, or BACON or a split hotdog grilled in butter  ... but thats another "ible"

 for those interested: what I remember about making up the sauce was a 12oz cup of mr pibb syrup (its kind of like dr pepper) a gallon of applecider vinager and 2 cups of crushed red pepper flakes

Step 4: Enjoy

there you go, the bombdiggity BarCheBurger ! Enjoy it, just don't tell your cardiologist !



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    My god this looks like a delicious heart attack, I want to make one soooooooooo bad. : )

    trust me..make 2... lol. thank you for leaving a comment

    2?? At least 3, maybe four. These look AWESOME, they beat burger-king any day!

    yea, when I was younger, 2 or 3 would hit the spot, one is enough for lunch now. The pulled pork will even make a Sonic burger edible.... but then pulled pork would make a leather sandal edible

    aahhhhhh Must Eat BarCheBurger Must Eat BarCheBurger tht looks like a bite from burger heaven im soooo gonna try this out thnx dude!!! :D :D ;) ;)

    I shouild add a disclaimer. "consumption may cause obsession" thanks for the comment

    Haha yh you should :D hehe, ur wlcm