It's time for Reduce, Reuse and Recicle.

With this in mind, I will show you how to build a Blower to your next barbecue.

Every good barbecuer knows that a good blower helps to fire the coal.

All you need is:

- Two identical plastic bottles - cylindric models are the best.
- Scissors or a sharp knife to cut the bottles.

Step 1: Cuttin the Bottles

- Remove the bottom of the bottles. The objective is insert one bottle inside the other.

- Chose one of the bottles and make a cut from bottom to top, as shown at video.

- Inser the cut bottle inside the other.

- Remove one of the lid.

Step 2: Using the Blower

Your blower is done!

To use it, just hold the blower by the ends and make push and pull moviments with the two parts.
It will blow a lots of air at every move.

Step 3: How Does It Work?

Our blower acts like a pump, taking in air when you pull and expelling the air when you push it.
Exactly the same way when you fill your lungs with air and then blow the fire.
I hardly rely on other than my lungs and hability in slow blowing to set up a fire. I really do very well, but sometimes I need to get very close to the ashes, which are prone to cracks and projection of painful &quot;microprojectiles&quot;. And hardly think of investing money on devices being so confident on my performance.<br>But I find this very useful, mainly because it's very possible that you have two plastic, empty bottles laying around the barbeque place, and also possible that you have a knife or cutter... so it's the kind of brilliant idea that saves you max with min! Congratulations, and thanks. Very creative...
Quick, easy and simple! with a tub of water this might work as a squirt gun too lol.
I think your blower is more on the line of a bellows, but, as the oft quoted Bard wrote, &quot; A rose by any other name would smell as sweet&quot; . This is a fantastic use of imagination and recycling. I would think that you could use caps on the exhaust end with different size holes to adjust the air stream, a small hole would make a thinner but longer lasting air blast for dusting off keyboards or such.. totally awesome !
Thank you for your comment and your idea for new uses.

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