Barbecue Pizza





Introduction: Barbecue Pizza

Easy and tasty Barbecue Pizza

Step 1: Strech Basic Bread Dough

Stretch Basic bread dough with the rolling pin to a square shape and to the size we need.

Step 2: Place Dough on the Barbecue

Step 3: Cook Until Lightly Golden

Cook for 4 to 5 minutes until lightly golden and easy to handle, then remove from heat .

Step 4: Spread Fresh Tomatoe Sauce

Add pizza sauce on top

Step 5: Add a Lot of Cheese

Use a bunch of Muzzarella or any other that you have

Step 6: Add Tomatoes

Cut tomatoes slices about 1 centimeter and place on top of Muzzarella Cheese

Step 7: Take to Grill

Take to grill and very fast let´s make another one

Step 8: Spread Onions

For other pizza we add the sauteed onions with olive oil and curry

Step 9: Add Cheese

Cover with a bunch of mozzarella cheese and blue cheese

Step 10: Add Rosemary

Put a lot of fresh Rosemary and take to grill

Step 11: Cover Both Pizzas

Cook until the bottom is golden and the mozzarella cheese melt, then remove from heat

Step 12: Add Oregano to Tomatoes

Add a lot of fresh oregano to tomatoes only

Step 13: Add Olive Oil

Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil to both Pizzas

Step 14: Serve Immediately

Serve immediately both pizzas and enjoy with your family. Bon Appetite!



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    This looks super tasty! Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you very much TomatoSkins!!!