Barbecued Chicken for Five for Less Than Five Bucks! MMM Good!





Introduction: Barbecued Chicken for Five for Less Than Five Bucks! MMM Good!

Barbecued chicken should be a pleasure to cook and eat, in this instructable I will teach you a barbecuing technique that will ensure perfect chicken every time and will make you the envy of your neighborhood. Best of all it is really cheap you can feed five people with this recipe for under five dollars!

This instructable is being entered as part of the BBQ contest, I appreciate all comments, thanks.

Step 1: Shopping and Prep, Time and Money Savers

Here is what you need.

Pick up a package of leg and thigh quarters, a package of five at my local store costs $2.63.
Buy the cheapest bottle of Barbecue sauce you can find, in this cast I used KRAFT with honey cost $1.00.
The rest of the ingredients most of us have on hand so this is where I stopped spending money. For you there could be some variation.
you'll want
Garlic Powder (we make ours ourself, look for an Instructable this fall)
Fresh Herbs
Paint Brush
Cake Pan
White rice

Step 2: Let's Get Cooking

Get a large pot, fill it with water and put it on the stove on HIGH.

Tell your kid to be patient its gotta cook!

Add the chicken to the pot and let it boil for ten minutes.

Once its done boiling, remove the chicken from the pot,

Step 3: Get Your Chicken Bubbling in Sticky Goodness

Now the hard part.
Lay the chicken out in a large deep cake pan.

Pour Barbecue Sauce liberally all over the chicken, do the same with honey, and sprinkle a lot of Garlic Powder all over.

Get a pot to cook your rice, add four cups of your chicken water and two cups of rice.

At this point I usually pour the chicken water into a crockpot, and when we are done eating I add our chicken bones to it and let it cook all night, then I filter it in the morning and freeze it for soups next winter. You can do whatever you want with it.

Bring your pan with chicken outside and bring your rice outside as well (if you have a side burner on your grill)

Light your grill
Place the chicken pan on the grate with the chicken still in the pan.
Turn on your side burner and place the rice on that.

Now collect fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers from your garden and add them to your rice and chicken.

I used Basil, Cilantro, Chives, Oregano, Marigolds and some sugarsnap peas. I used scissors and cut them up over the rice and chicken.

Then close the lid of your grill, turning the temp down directly under your chicken.

Now go have a beer and play with your kid.

Step 4: Get That Chicken on the Fire!

When the rice is done cooking its time to get the chicken on the fire.
Turn the fire off under the rice and remove the pan with the chicken from the grill.
Crank the grill up and ad the chicken, I like to put the side with the most sauce on the fire. I love nice black caramelized cancer causing grill marks on my chicken.

Baste the chicken with the sauce that the chicken has been bubbling in.

Close the lid and let it go for a couple minutes, once you think you've got the right amount of char turn the chicken and do it again.

Step 5: Serve Eat and Share!

Open up the grill and serve immediately with the rice.
Garnish with fresh herbs and serve with a cold beer (this may add to your overall cost) My friends usually bring the beer and I cook. I think I get the better deal.

Anyway enjoy.

On a side note all the prep can be done in advance, for example when we go camping, I boil the chicken, put it in aluminum foil packets with the sauce and freeze it.
Then when we are camping I throw the foil packet on the fire until everything is cooked and we eat, super easy and a nice change from hotdogs.



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    Hoisin sauce makes a great sauce on the BBQ for chicken (or ribs) also.

    Are all marigolds edible, or just particular types?  What kind of flavor does it add?
    Bob M.

    Hi Spyder
    I think just the flower pedals are edible and I think the type doesn't much matter. They don't add a lot of flavor a little peppery but mostly it looks good.

    AWESOME!!! 10 mins boiling, 10 mins in the pan and 2 mins each side on the grill and that turned out to be by far the best chicken I've ever made SUPER easy (I'm no chef) THANKS MAN!!

    Glad you like it, this works well with Pork Ribs too give it a shot, you will be a hero!

    really? same times too? I've always had trouble with ribs

    Yup, I would leave them in the foil packet for 5 minutes longer but you will have some excellent ribs in the end. Good luck and enjoy your grill!

    My least favorite phrase related to camping is "foil packet".

    I completely agree. However, anything Mr. Potatoman cooks in a "foil packet" truly is delicious, so we can't complain too much!

    Thanks Mrs. Potatoman!