Barbecued chicken should be a pleasure to cook and eat, in this instructable I will teach you a barbecuing technique that will ensure perfect chicken every time and will make you the envy of your neighborhood. Best of all it is really cheap you can feed five people with this recipe for under five dollars!

This instructable is being entered as part of the BBQ contest, I appreciate all comments, thanks.

Step 1: Shopping and Prep, time and money savers

Here is what you need.

Pick up a package of leg and thigh quarters, a package of five at my local store costs $2.63.
Buy the cheapest bottle of Barbecue sauce you can find, in this cast I used KRAFT with honey cost $1.00.
The rest of the ingredients most of us have on hand so this is where I stopped spending money. For you there could be some variation.
you'll want
Garlic Powder (we make ours ourself, look for an Instructable this fall)
Fresh Herbs
Paint Brush
Cake Pan
White rice
Hoisin sauce makes a great sauce on the BBQ for chicken (or ribs) also.
Are all marigolds edible, or just particular types?&nbsp; What kind of flavor does it add?<br /> Thanks,<br /> Bob M.
Hi Spyder<br /> I think just the flower pedals are edible and I&nbsp;think the type doesn't much matter. They don't add a lot of flavor a little peppery but mostly it looks good.<br /> Thanks<br />
AWESOME!!! 10 mins boiling, 10 mins in the pan and 2 mins each side on the grill and that turned out to be by far the best chicken I've ever made SUPER easy (I'm no chef) THANKS MAN!!
Glad you like it, this works well with Pork Ribs too give it a shot, you will be a hero!
really? same times too? I've always had trouble with ribs
Yup, I would leave them in the foil packet for 5 minutes longer but you will have some excellent ribs in the end. Good luck and enjoy your grill!
My least favorite phrase related to camping is "foil packet".
I completely agree. However, anything Mr. Potatoman cooks in a "foil packet" truly is delicious, so we can't complain too much!
Thanks Mrs. Potatoman!
Oh yeah! I bet you like the phrase caramalize or egg sh*t! Hi Stace, glad to see you read my Instructable.
I also Stumbled it so that more people will see it.
Thanks for the vote, what is a stumble?
It's something you can add on to Internet Explorer or Firefox that allows you to randomly surf the net for sites that interest you. You can find it here: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.stumbleupon.com/">http://www.stumbleupon.com/</a><br/><br/>Warning: you may spend more time online than you intended with this. I have lost hours as I find sites that I would never have found before.<br/><br/>Oh, and in case you didn't know, this is your brother in Washington.<br/>
I do the same thing but I add dried jalepeno to the BBQ sauce. If I can, I add a bit of hot sauce. I picked up the 1 Million Scoville hot sauce when I came out to see you last year. Just a drop or two adds enough spice so that only a handful of us get the best chicken. I tend to make a batch without spice and one with. I save the BBQ sauce if there's any left over. I get boneless legs and breasts (they are cheap at Costco). With the boneless legs make sure you don't boil them too long otherwise they will fall apart on the grill. Oh, and of course you're getting a vote from me bro. Not just because I've known you since you were a kid either. This really is the best way to make BBQ chicken.
This chicken sounds delightful. I can't think of a better recipe.
Dude! Our techniques are so similar. It also looks like we like our BBQ to taste the same, a little charing is a good thing. I also do the same thing with cooking the chicken over night in a crock pot. I usually buy a rotisserie chicken and after dinner I boil the rest down to stock, filter out the bones then throw in some noodles or rice, carrots, and potatoes, celery, and lots of spices. I some times cook the rice and then mix in a can of mushroom soup to the rice after it has cooked and then put the chicken over the top of the rice. Good job with your instructable.
I noticed that when I read your chicken recipe, it works like a charm and the friends are always impressed. Good Barbecue + Friends who can't = Free Beer! I voted for your ribs BTW perfect!<br/>Good Luck!<br/>
I voted for your chicken also.
BTW I gave you a vote in the contest.
My thoughts exactly! Vote
Nom Nom Nom Nom. I love BBQ chicken. I like the look of this! I also love chicken on a can.
Me too, thanks for the comment and please vote.
I love the option for camping, what a great idea! There's only so many hot dogs a man can eat before he is just disgusted and sticks strictly to beer (read: all of my camping trips this year so far :S )
Thanks, I agree with you about the dogs, any change is good. Don't forget to vote.
How necessary is the boiling (for the chicken). I like the idea of baking it right in the grill to start with, then throwing it on there. I do the same with the bones from all meat that I eat, use it for soup. Lobster and crab parts work well too, can make a nice bisque from a few empty lobster claws.
Boiling is not necessary, but it will guarantee that your chicken will not be undercooked. BTW this exact recipe also works great for ribs.

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