Barbed Wire Necklace and Bracelet





Introduction: Barbed Wire Necklace and Bracelet

Wear a nice Barbed Wire necklace, or bracelet. 
Caution: I am not responsible for any injuries

Step 1: Materials

Only two materials this time ;)

Wire Cutters

I had both of these, but you can buy wire for like $3.00, and the cutters for $7.50ish

Step 2: Making the Base

To make the base of the barbed wire, measure a piece of wire around your neck (a little lose).
Then cut.
Make another piece of wire the same length.
Twist the wires together.
Now now you should have one piece of wire twisted.

Step 3: Making the Barb

To make the barb,
first take a piece of uncut wire, and lay it up against the base.  
Next, leaving a centimeter sticking out, start to twist around the base.
Do that three times, so you should have three loops.
Leave a centimeter on that end as well.  
Make sure that the ends are opposite  of each other!

Do that as many times as it fits on the base.  You made your Barbed Wire.

Step 4: Attatching

Make a loop on one end of the wire
On the other end make a half of hook to join the two.
This is fairly simple

Step 5: The Finished Product




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    ya... the necklace doesn't hurt... neither does the bracelet... unless you get it caught on something... but it won't give you any major injuries... it hasn't to me...

    I am just curious why anyone would want to wear barbed wire, especially around their neck.
    I'm glad to see that your version is not as heavy duty nor as sharp as real barbed wire. Maybe the injuries abstained from simple things such as a hug or laying your arm on your desk at school will not be quite as painful as would be received from the real deal.

    Yeah, imagine getting the necklace caught on something...

    That's probably why he only used one wire to do the spike knot, instead of two wires like the real thing. With four spaced out spikes, they'd always be poking you, with two, like in the 'ible, they can both be relatively safe.

    Also, probably people would want to wear it for the same reason people wear razor blades on string around their necks or get barb wire tattoo's, etc. Urban youth...bunch of crazies. ")

    Anyway, BIC, in the future while twisting up wire, it can be somewhat easier to keep the wires in one single piece. Just loop it around as many times as you need wires twisted together. Then you can wrap both ends to a pencil and twist away. Or tie one end to something secure, like a wire around a table leg, then tie the other end to hook in a hand drill or dremel, tension the wire and spin away. Just go slow! Wear eye protection! If it snaps and spins and hits you, it will not be pleasant. So get your parents to help if you do this. Seriously...think about life missing your eyeballs or your fingers because you lost them to a snapped wire that smacked your face or hand...and be safe.