Picture of barbie doll electric chair science fair project
This is a science fair project that I did in middle school and completely disgusted the entire female staff of Benton Middle. The purpose of this project is to show how the electric chair works and discuss basic electricity - currents and conductivity.

This is perhaps not the most politically correct science fair project, but it definitely gets attention. And although it is more based on presentation than science, most people find it very interesting to learn how an electric chair works. :D

This instructable is quite lengthy, though some parts are optional. You'll probably want to scan each section to find what you're looking for. Have fun and happy building!

Also, please note that I will be linking to Amazon.com for the materials used within this project.

Step 1: First you'll need to find a Barbie with bendable arms and legs.

Picture of First you'll need to find a Barbie with bendable arms and legs.
I got mine for 27 cents at a Goodwill. Always check thrift stores first - they're cheaper. However, you can also check local stores to see if you can get one on sale.

Don't pay too much, though, as we'll be messing her up quite a bit.

If you'd like, take a mugshot. You can use it in the presentation of the science project. I cut my Barbie's hair and drew circles around her eyes with a pencil, and well as smudging lip gloss around her face. Barbie had a rough night.

I also made an outfit for my Barbie using scrap fabric I had lying around. This is a very simple thing to do that will help your project become more attractive. I've included a quite awful Microsoft paint image to explain it!
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BrashannaL made it!11 days ago

It's so fun to electric barbie doll

Book Girl1 month ago
Cool. I wonder what would happen if I showed my friend this...
stephenmack4 months ago

Awesome! Pour melted aluminum over Barbie and watch her freak people out more! You could pour tan wax over that, and since the aluminum conducts, the wax would slough off and look like she is a melting robot! AWESOME!

rschack8 months ago

Love this! :) And I can't get enough of Barbie's mug shot.

grannyjones9 months ago

I never did like that broad--like how could she afford all that swag?

emtsevilla1 year ago

i cracked up at that picture of barbie looking BUSTED AS HELL. haha jesus christ i'm so mature

kevenr171 year ago


AndyGadget2 years ago

This is just so wrong for so many reasons - I love it !

(If Mattel come out with an 'Execution Methods Through The Ages' Barbie accessories range, you should get royalties #;¬)

Yes! Mattel would e awesome if they did that!
Quote: This is just so wrong for so many reasons - I love it !

Agreed. I found my self giggling then I saw this.
HammE1 year ago
Hello! first, awesome instructable! Second, I'm just unsure what made you think a barbie doll would conduct, for the reason that she is plastic to my knowlage. anyway, I'm guessing you got the photo from Wikipedia? I just recognized it from he millions of times I've been on the page. It was the chair used in the Sing sing prison in New York (before they stopped using the death penalty) nick named Old Sparky like other ones in the US. I hoped you learned something ( I have Asperger's Syndrome, excuse me for all the knowledge that I have about for such a weird topic.) and if you get a chance, a response would be nice!

xilenaid1 year ago
Hi, I was thinking doing this proyect for my science fair. But I need help xD I f I do it, what will the problem be? and the purpose or hypothesis, any help ? ( sorry for my bad english, I speak spanish) ( not mush english!
please if you see this reply *
L.A.Woman2 years ago
My future, not yet conceived child will be needing one of these.
I would have added one of those vibrating motors, like the ones that you can find in game controllers to add a little bit more fun, because, come on, who stands still while being electrocuted?
craftsmith3 years ago
this will probably crash instructables eventually.....all these comments..lol.
but i'm gonna add one more anyway, this is epic, the most iconic image of a barbie doll i have ever seen. you deserve an award of some kind for this.
barbies crime was presenting young girls with a body type that few if any could ever live up to, its about time she paid the price.
uniicorn3 years ago
this is so frickin funny!
monsterlego3 years ago
Its so evil! BWA HA HA!! >:)
damianzuch4 years ago
I was trying to think of something fun to use a stripped disposable camera for and searched about to see if anyone had made an electric chair for troll dolls.... that's how I happened upon your Instructable. This is so much more than great! And such a fantastic job on Ms. Barbra Millicent Robert's make up and furniture set! I haven't skimmed the posts yet but I'm sure people have suggested adding motors and smoke devices and the like (I would love to see further mods to this project). Anyway, just wanted to thank you for a great Instructable!
memiley4 years ago
How do you keep your stove top looking so nice? I clean mine like a maniac but it's not as pristine as yours. I need answers.
nmoraga4 years ago
lol this is freakin awesome. you should do some more prequel about tyrant electronic items with the special participation of BARBIE the sinner XD .. how about an electric bed? .
bd54 years ago
Oh God. This is soooooo funny! I would have given anything to see the reaction of your teacher's faces. Thanks for the laugh. Most unpolitically correct, eh? I bet!!! Wow. Great job... Can't stop laughing. A suggestion, try getting this doll/theme passed through Barbie.
yanksguy4 years ago
As a middle school science teacher, I would have given you an A+ on this project and used it as an example for future classes. Clearly you worked very hard on it, not only building the model but in researching "the chair" itself and its operation, and importantly, thought "outside of the box" on this one. I dream of having students like you. Great job!
kelseymh4 years ago
With thanks to Kiteman for linking to this -- you've achieved politically incorrect awesomeness! I am just slightly (only slightly!) disappointed that you didn't paint Barbie with conductive paint and hook up a real, live circuit to fry the murderous demon spawn...but I digress.

Woo hoo!
gghay4 years ago
It looks like it's trying to get out.cuz One foot is on top of anothern haha
gghay4 years ago
I love this when i showed my friends they were just laughing
gghay4 years ago
THIS IS AWESOME . I LOOOOOOOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D
JCoffey6 years ago
I LOVE IT! Have you thought about adding a tiny pager motor so that when she gets the juice it makes her shake violently?
also put in a piezo buzzer to sound like a scream.

Or put nichrome wire inside her so she melts.

mwa ha ha ha haaaaaa I am an evil genius and i am going to conquer the world >:)
jessyratfink (author)  radar pandar5 years ago
Thanks! And I kinda just peeled it off once the putty dried. :)
I just love the 5th picture of the last step - with half her face in shadow like that, Barbie looks totally insane! Great instructable! :-) Really appeals to my ghoulish sense of humour! Thanks for posting it!
RelientOwl5 years ago
Funniest thing I've ever seen on instructables, 5 Stars!!!
EricS5 years ago
This is really good-Barbie as a criminal-really funny!!!!
08techgrad5 years ago
I remember seeing "Bag Lady Barbie" and "Wino Ken" in Mad Magazine sometime during the 80's and 90's.
elson5 years ago
you would have poured some water on her so she explodes lol
elson5 years ago
Who ever made this is a genius you are so smart hmm i gotta i got nothin compared to thi nice.
look what came up on the first page of google imiges when i searched "electric chair"
hellinabox5 years ago
Lmao, I like your choice in science fair projects. Would've worked better with a car battery though.
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