Hello everyone, this is my third article still devoted to Barbie dollhouse

Why ?
For christmas, we offered a plastic and cardboard dollhouse for our 4 year old daughter. Very disappointed with the quality and realism, I decided to make one myself. I continue the development of this house with the kitchen of Barbie. Constructed from 7 mm laminate wood giving it a rustic look, it is equipped with doors and drawers, a sink with mixer tap and ceramic hob with LED.

The plans are available in PDF format.

Video step by step:

Video : https://youtu.be/PqdhPaDtEz8

- Laminate wood
- Polycarbonate
- Plastic cap
- Wood glue
- Nails...

- Table saw
- Drill
- Glue gun
- Hole saw
- Scroll saw
- Hand tools (saw, screwdriver, cutter, pliers, chisels ...)

Step 1: Workplan

The laminate flooring is cut with a saw table and a made a 45 mm hole whith a hole saw.

The sink is recovered in an aerosol lid and I used a metal expansion Bolt for gypsum board for evacuation.

Elements are glued with a glue gun.

Step 2: Drawers and Doors

The drawers are assembled with wood glue.

Grooves are made in wood for drawers.

I used screws for the handles.

Step 3: Assembly and Sink

The doors are mounted on pivot (nails)

For the mixer tap I used a metal hook, a spring and a small tube to the end.

Step 4: Ceramic Hob

The worktop is cut with a scroll saw.

For the ceramic hob I used a black painted polycarbonate piece.

I then add LED lighting to simulate a spark of the hob.

Step 5: Splashback and End

For the splashback I printed and laminated "subway tile".

It is bonded with double-sided tape.

Find making of dollhouse on this link.

<p>That is such a professional looking doll kitchen!</p>
<p>Thank you Penolopy !</p>
<p>toujours aussi bluffant :D<br>j'ai remarqu&eacute; que tu utilises pas mal de mat&eacute;riaux diff&eacute;rent genre lino, mosa&iuml;ques, l&agrave; c'est de la latte de parquet ou un truc du genre... tu as achet&eacute; expr&egrave;s pour ce projet, r&eacute;cup&eacute;r&eacute; dans un magasin, ou ce sont des chutes issues de tes propres travaux de r&eacute;novation? (d&eacute;sol&eacute; si c'est un peu trop personnel comme question)</p>
<p>Merci Rififi.</p><p>c'est de la r&eacute;cup, l&agrave; c'est du sol stratifi&eacute; qu'il me restait quand j'ai fais les chambres chez moi. Pour la maison de poup&eacute;e j'ai eu le papier peint et les sols (lino, stratifi&eacute;) par des amis (restes de travaux) et en magasin (en demandant des &eacute;chantillons)</p><p>J'ai m&ecirc;me expliqu&eacute; mon projet &agrave; un vendeur de Leroy Merlin qui m'a gentilement fournis plein d'&eacute;chantillons gratuitement !</p><p>Il n'y a que la mosa&iuml;que que j'ai achet&eacute; mais comme &ccedil;a se vend &agrave; l'unit&eacute; &ccedil;a ne m'a pas co&ucirc;t&eacute; cher.</p>
<p>This is so good. Very nice work!</p>

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