It's a major award!

For years I thought it would be hilarious to make and have my own leg lamp, similar to the one the Dad wins in the movie "A Christmas Story" (for those of you living under a rock). Only I wanted mine to be a miniature version, preferably made from a Barbie doll leg. I finally got around to it!

This was a fun little project, and is quite do-able for the average maker if you have a little persistence and some basic tools and supplies. I've tried to include enough information here to help you make your own without too much trouble, if you so desire.

Thanks for taking a look!

Step 1: Lampshade Template

Let's begin with the lampshade.

After some trial and error, I came up with a template that worked well enough to use. I made this into a pdf for easy storage if I ever want to use it again, as well as to share right here.

I printed this on card stock, and used spray adhesive to attach a piece of yellow polyester cloth to the back, non-printed side. In hindsight this is overkill, and I would recommend just printing the template on yellow paper if possible or just simply painting it yellow or gold after it's assembled.

The fabric does provide a nice textured look although it's only visible up really close.

The template for the lampshade is attached. If you use it, just print directly without resizing or "scaling" or whatever equivalent option your printer program may have.

<p>Brilliant! I am making this ASAP.</p>
This is hilarious and brilliant engineering, you're a pro at making. love the attention to detail.
That is just hilarious! It needs to be on the Homepage all year long!
<p>Actual size Christmas 2003.</p>
<p>this is so cool!</p>
Thanks! It was a fun little project, and always gets a good laugh out of people who see it in person.
Love it! Greaaaat job!
<p>This would be about the right scale to use a strip of black nighty material as the fishnet stocking, just spray glue it and wrap it around, making the seam follow down the back of the leg. Due to my advanced age, and level of experience in these matters; I can tell you that the upper end of your stocking should be about twice it's current width, it is somewhat out of scale; but not bad. I'd build one, but every time I pick up a Barbie, someone gives me that 'Dirty Old Man' look.</p>
<p>hahahahahahha,..pretty cool &amp; fun to make, I bet! :)</p>
<p>Ha-ha! If I made this lamp my wife would bust it up like Ralphie's mother did in &quot;A Christmas Story&quot; (one of my favorite movies). I can see the grave in the back yard for the broken pieces...</p>
<p>No problem, just make two or three at the same time. hee heeeee heee. And, when it gets busted up... put the next one on kitchen window sill. how about making a smaller version as a dash-board cutie. those little led tea lights upside down in the lampshade would make it quicker to make instead of wiring. This is such an AWESOME ible!!!!</p><p>sigh.... my husband doesn't know why I just can't stop laughing at this. I will have to show him the movie.</p>
<p>Great! I love that your, &quot;major award&quot; really lights up and is in the Fragile (Fra Gee Lei) wooden box.One thing on the fishnet stockings though. I don't know if you just forgot, or maybe that you're too young to have known, but stockings had big thick seams on the back where the tube was formed in the stockings. You could have drawn your lines to join in the back and then covered the untidiness with the fake seam. That's just nitpicking though. I really like your project. I have a little 1 3/4 inch tall doll leg that I'd like to use to make a miniature version of your miniature version.</p>
I didn't know that about fishnets... I guess I am too young! Can't say I've ever had first-hand experience with them. Glad you liked it. It was a fun little project, and seems to get a laugh out of most folks. Thanks for the great comment!
<p>Super! Got my vote.</p>
<p>It's demented and I love it!</p>
<p>This is really awesome!</p>
OMG I LUV LUV LUV THE &quot;A Christmas Story&quot; MOVIE!!!
<p>Oh my--it's a major award! I totally love this! Such a great idea...Christmas gifts maybe! :)</p>
<p>Yes! Everybody needs their own leg lamp.</p>
<p>Awesome.. I always thought it would be funny to make one of these. Now you need a miniature Ralfie to stand there with his hands all over it.</p>
<p>That would be great. Or even better, a Ken Doll in 50s glasses and a bunny suit! </p>
&quot;Fragilla I must be Italian&quot;:)
<p>I declare you Grand Marshal of the Awesome Parade. </p>
<p>I am highly honored! I need to brush up on my parade wave, though.</p><p>Now, as Grand Marshal, will I be wearing the official Large Hat of Awesomeness, with accompanying decorative plumage? There WILL be decorative plumage, I presume.</p>
<p>Fragile ... That's Italian, right?</p><p>Awesome job.</p>
<p>Clever Idea and a great lamp :), Thanks for sharing :)</p>
<p>OMG This is hysterical. SO COOL!!!!</p>
<p>You are so clever! I love the design. thanks so much for such clear instructions and do have a great week!</p><p>sunshiine </p>

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