Barbie/ My Scene Dress W/ Obi [Blue]


Introduction: Barbie/ My Scene Dress W/ Obi [Blue]

About: Follow me @al3xisonline | ii am a high school senior, and I love to make lots of cool and cute DIY projects that I find here on instructables :)

I made this dress in my fashion design class. Very easy!
All I had to do was make a basic tube dress out of a 6x6 inch square of blue jersey matterial. [Hand Stitched]
After making this tube dress, I then wrapped a pretty dotted ribbon around the waist as an Obi. (For thos who don't know what an Obi is, its basically the style of sash usually found on a Kimono). 
The barbie looks good with or without the sash, but I prefer to leave it on.



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    Haha sorry to dissapoint you! Thank you though :)

    Aw man, I was hoping that Obi meant that this would be a Barbie/Star Wars mashup. That said, the dress looks great.