Picture of Barbie Wreath
You can make a wreath out of just about anything as long as you have enough of them and you can figure out how to attach them. Here's how to make a wreath out of Barbie dolls.

Mention of this project on other sites should include a link to www.zieak.com with credit to Ryan McFarland. Thanks!
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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
You'll need:

A bunch of Barbie dolls
Glue (plain old superglue worked well for me)
A string of lights (go with LED ones!)
A large piece of cardboard or plastic
A large diameter hoop

You can use action figures, toy cars (Cena made that one), or just about anything else that you have a bunch of. I suggest sterilizing whatever toy you use. Chances are it is pretty dirty. And if you hang it outside for a few years and live in a damp place it just might start to grow things. Trust me. Sterilize. Let's add something to the list...

Some bleach water and a towel

For the base you can use a ring of plywood, a bicycle rim, a commercially made wreath base, a ring from a stove cooktop, or just about anything else you can find. The size will depend on the toys you're working with.

Step 2: Plan ahead

Picture of Plan ahead
While spending hours super gluing action figures together for my first toy wreath, i began plans for making a Barbie wreath. One obstacle to making a Barbie wreath is the difficulty in obtaining inexpensive Barbies. Well, fortunately for me, a friend was on the lookout a when they spotted bulk Barbies at just $1 each. They picked out a dozen or so and bought them for me and called to let me know about the find. Well, i went and bought the rest of them. The problem is that there was one Ken in the bunch. I didn't want my wreath to have any man-dolls in it so he became a dog toy.

Barbie bodies are quite a bit longer than the normal action figure so layout of the Barbies and the radius of the wreath had to be different than i had done in my previous project. Luckily, i have a habit of squirreling away even the least necessary parts and pieces because they might be useful someday. I had leftover hardware from rope spools and a few pieces of perforated metal that i was able to reshape into a large hoop.

Step 3: Glue the Barbies

Picture of Glue the Barbies
The next thing to do was to start attaching the dolls to the hoop. I put down some cardboard so i didn't accidentally glue dolls to the oak dining room table. A little super glue goes a long way. My girlfriend was kind enough to brush out the hair on the Barbies which made them so good looking that i almost changed my mind about putting super glue in their butt cracks. But the project carried on despite any resurgence of adolescent crushes.

Once they were glued in place they needed to be fully fused to each other. Super glue was then put on every point that they contacted each other and even in their arm and hip joints to keep them solid. Wrapping the wreath with a set of lights adds a festive seasonal flare to the piece.

Step 4: Hang on the wall

Picture of Hang on the wall
It looks alright on a wall without lights but I think you'll agree that the lit version really looks quite nice.

I built this in the fall of 2004 and it has survived well. It has been outside the front door for a few years and most people actually don't seem to notice it. It could, however use a cleaning. I might try misting it with some bleach water from a spray bottle in the spring.
DarkRaven4 years ago
Thought I'd post my wreath inspired from yours still undecided if I will add lights or not
Fildain5 years ago
An artist in NYC that used barbies in his art a few years ago. Now he is on to some cooler stuff.

mamajulian6 years ago
Hmm..reminds me of my wreath. It's for sale on etsy-check it out!

rat36 years ago
Ok, Cool and Creepy;) Hey, how about spray painting it with a "Stone" spray paint, so it looks like a stone sculpture....
Fred Doolie6 years ago
SIck sick sick (COOL! COOL! COOL!) I'm off to Goodwill to buy a bunch of Barbies! Walmart has LED Xmas lights at 75% off now. Good timing!
Congratulations on having the requisite level of maturity to not arrange the Barbies in suggestive poses. Or is there another wreath that we don't get to see pictures of?...

I suppose one could be mature and tasteful and artistic, by replicating one of those ancient Indian relief sculptures depicting kama sutra poses, using Barbies and Kens...
zieak (author)  incorrigible packrat6 years ago
Dang. You mean i could be more childish than having a Barbie wreath outside my front door?
parakitamol6 years ago
I love this. I am doing one with Action Man.
omnibot6 years ago
Nicely done. I can never understand why it's called a "wreath", sounds like "wrath" "retch" or something equally festive.
zieak (author)  omnibot6 years ago
Interesting thought. Merriam Webster's website says the word originates from "Middle English wrethe, from Old English writha; akin to Old English wrīthan to twist" But a "festive circle" seems particularly appropriate for this incarnation.
omnibot zieak6 years ago
Writhe I can get. So in other words it's the "Wreath of Barbies", still soubds like a bad movie.
haha. i love it. i have always dreamt of having a yard filled with doll parts emerging from the ground (will happen when i actually own some property)...
zieak (author)  riku-riku-chan6 years ago
I had a landlord 15 years ago that had doll parts coming out of the soil from her potted plants. It was... inspirational!
fultron896 years ago
This is absolutely terrifying.
zieak (author)  fultron896 years ago
Why - thank you!
Beautiful! I wants. This is my kind of holiday decorating. :D
zieak (author)  jessyratfink6 years ago
Heehee. I was certain that you would like it!
So this is what you do with their bodies.
actually i was thinking of this
caitlinsdad6 years ago
Hmmm, it could have turned out to be a depiction from the Kama Sutra or more disturbing if you used razor ribbon.