Picture of Barbie clothes from toddler socks
My children came up with this all by themselves, mostly the older one.  She is VERY creative.  You will see I have credited her in all of my instructables.  :)

Step 1: Cut up the Sock

Picture of Cut up the Sock
Cut sock into 3 pieces.  Cut off toe and cut just above heel. 
Nana2Peanut3 years ago
Thank you! My 5 year old granddaughter has been asking to sew Barbie clothes. I can sew simple sewing, but not make clothes. She'll enjoy this! And goodness knows I have odds and ends of toddler socks that never made it home to her house.
kylara70 (author)  Nana2Peanut8 months ago

I know it was a while ago that you commented, but thanks for responding. I hope your granddaughter got a few minutes of fun from this idea. :) My girls are still doing this, 3 years later. :)

Wow this is genius!! Thanks!!

TimsProjects9 months ago
How did you make it's hair pink?
kylara70 (author)  TimsProjects9 months ago

Sorry to say that the hair came that color, but I would suggest trying koolaid or RIT dye to color Barbie hair. However, I have a feeling it may not take the color very well. You never know! Try a Goodwill Barbie to see. :) Maybe I will try it out later and post an instructable, once I know how.