Step 2: Dress Barbie

Middle Section goes on first.  Line up the heel with her bum. Add the ponytail holder around middle to keep skirt up.   You need to fold over the holder once to make it tight enough.  NOTE:   This Barbie is sporting a fashionable silly band made from an actual rubber band for a pony-tail.  :)

Thank you! My 5 year old granddaughter has been asking to sew Barbie clothes. I can sew simple sewing, but not make clothes. She'll enjoy this! And goodness knows I have odds and ends of toddler socks that never made it home to her house.
<p>I know it was a while ago that you commented, but thanks for responding. I hope your granddaughter got a few minutes of fun from this idea. :) My girls are still doing this, 3 years later. :)</p>
<p>Great tutorial!! Usefull.</p>
<p>Wow this is genius!! Thanks!!</p>
How did you make it's hair pink?
<p>Sorry to say that the hair came that color, but I would suggest trying koolaid or RIT dye to color Barbie hair. However, I have a feeling it may not take the color very well. You never know! Try a Goodwill Barbie to see. :) Maybe I will try it out later and post an instructable, once I know how.</p>

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