This has been a long time coming but I've decided to go back into my archive from 2009 for a project that I pulled my brother in on.  We were inspired by my initial Barcade hack where I took my favorite Neo-Geo and Mame'd it out using an old Vaio pc and a keyboard hack.   I wanted to take it one step further and build a Mame-cade from scratch - well,  at least the cabinet.   Inspiration came from the many other tutorials that I found online that boasted of weecade-mania.  I'll try to make this brief and try not to ramble.   I also won't include any info on the roms or the software as I would like to focus on a custom cabinet and hardware set up.  I know I know,  I am not the first to create a weecade and there were others who came up with that cutesy term.   I give those people credit for the credit they deserve for pioneering the art of barcadia (I claim coinage of that term).  This is merely my creation of a barcade from 3D model to gaming beast. 

Step 1: 3D Modeling and Prep

I went so far as to model all my components in 3D so I could account for spacing issues and strategery (it's a word thanks to Bush).  I used 3D Max to design the build and kept it as inspiration as I progressed throughout the build.  I ended up breaking apart all the components in the virtual space and laid them all out flat for a large print that I went to Kinko's to get printed out. From there,  I had my perfect template that I simply traced on the mdf.  See the next step for the zipped jpg that I printed an oversize print of for the the template.  At this point, I didn't plan on it but I told my brother that we might as well make 2 since we have enough wood and pc parts so we set out to double our efforts.  
How much would it cost for you to build one of those for a dad of 3 year-old twin boys?!! I have little time and energy to build one of my own - sadly to say... Please let me know... 562-413-0336 text me
Oh man, I would help you out with the build if I could. Doesn't sound like you are anywhere close to Kansas. My 4 year old LOVES the arcades I have built so I know how much fun your kids would have. Sad to say if one would sell one of these, it could be seen as copyright infringement due to the roms being transferred and sold. I've been asked to sell these before but it is an unfortunate thing that we have big brother and the law watching us. I'll try to provide an easier build if I can based on a laptop. I'm making one for a friend and there may be hope for you.... In the meantime, find yourself a laptop with at least a Pentium4 and a couple gigs of ram on board. HD should be 120gb but you can get by with less but have less games.
so THERE's A CHANCE - a glimmering HOPE for my twins... :) man oh man, the thought of you building one for me, of course i provide my own pc/display and such, is getting me all hyped up and excited beyond belief... yeah i understand the copyright thing but if i pay you via paypal or wire the money to you or even send you a check or whatever you think is the best way to get the money to you - i can even provide my own roms... PLEASE let me know more whenever you're cranking up production for your friend :P<br><br>Thanks in advance...
I couldn't find it on here, so I was wondering, what is the measurement from side to side? I'm trying to find the size so I can buy some LED strips for the marquee
Hey I wanted to say props on the craftsmanship.
Many thanks! uitechclub. I took a lot of time so I appreciate your comment.
Quick Question, What Size Monitor Are You Using
17&quot; standard for Neo Geo. 17&quot; wide for Black Hole. <br>
I have posted my template per jeffeb3's request. Find it under the cutting MDF section/step.
Very cool. Do you still have the designs for the case? Can you share the printouts you made as a mock up?
I believe I do but I'll have to dig for it. I was able to find the 3D Max files and associated materials so that's a good sign (archived from '09). I'll look for it when I get home tonight.

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