Introduction: BarcodeScanner Using Arduino

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I spent time trying to gather information to make this project and it was successfull .As a result ,I decided to share it to make it easy for everyone to find all the project in one place.

Step 1: Arduino Connection

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We are tying to apply this sketch . So the arduino connection will be as the shown picture .

Then by
taking 4 external wires from :

pin 29 (green) //Data

pin 30 (Yellow) //Clock

5V (red) //+ve

ground (blue) //- ve

** the handwritten sketch is copied from :

Step 2: Connect to Barcode Scanner

Picture of Connect to Barcode Scanner

We will look at the terminal with wires(in the above picture) of the connector as male data pins .

Connecting the 4 taken wires(from previous step) to the wires of that connector (data with data , ground with ground , clock with clock and power with power ).
** connection is by spinning each wire on the corresponding one .
Now connect the socket of the connector to the ps2 barcode scanner .

Step 3: The Code

Picture of The Code

Now it is ready to scan barcodes :)


RafaelR99 (author)2016-12-09

Hi my barcode scaner got 5 wires how can i conect them, its red black blue green white

MennaH4 (author)RafaelR992016-12-09

Sorry, I do not know whether the colors could indicate something or not.
If you have the scanner's manual could you check it ?

AxelBluhme (author)2016-03-21


Is the scanner supposed to be in serial or keyboard wedge output mode? I cannot get any serial output. Please help :)

I got this btw:

amiraaroff (author)2016-03-15

hai... i'm very impressed with your project.. I try to search for ps/2 barcode scanner but I could not found in. can you share the link where did you buy the ps/2

MennaH4 (author)amiraaroff2016-03-15

Actually, I have not bought it it belongs to my professor . Sorry , I wished I could help :)

tomatoskins (author)2016-02-04

This is so cool! What do you plan on doing with the barcode once you scan it into the computer?

MennaH4 (author)tomatoskins2016-03-15

The scanned barcode is mapped to a product , then products are printed to a receipt . ( Simulation for markets' shopping cart )

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